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How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight and Exercise

motivation-to-exerciseSometimes we find ourselves feeling very so hard to do jogging and make a strict diet, not like before. Whether it’s because you no longer have enough time to exercise or you felt bored for it. In short we have lost the motivation to lose weight and exercise. So what we can do to get the motivation back and keep it always with us.

There are four important points that I want to share with you in how to get motivated to lose weight and exercise. Perhaps this sounds too simple for you, but it proved successful in restoring the fighting spirit in getting the ideal body weight.

1. Set your targets.

Determine why do you really want to lose weight? I am sure that you have a lot answer for this. Whether it’s because you feel ashamed / not satisfied with your current physical condition, you are planning on getting married next year, want to make your loved ones be happy, etc. Whatever it is, you can use it as your motivation, so when you feel down you can rise up quickly in order to realize your dreams.

But you need to remember to set a reasonable target to achieve for you, not for someone else. Perform too much exercise as you fatigue feared could harm yourself. Try to classify your targets into short-term and long-term plans. Thus you can easily manage your time and track your progress.

2. Make new habits

Once you set a target, the next step that is make sure you have some new habits, for example: jogging every morning, push-ups 50x a day, swimming, and so on. But first make it easy for you and don’t push yourself too hard. When you have exercises or diet as your habit, then you can perform it easily. However I know it’s hard in the beginning for people to wake up at 5 a.m. just for jogging or skips your delicious / favorite foods because you are on diet.

3. Imagine the risks.

There is no easier way to make people run faster than chasing them with a bat in your hand or make an angry dog runs toward them. Fear can force someone do more than before and sometimes it can be unbelievable. The power of fear is so powerful but we can take the advantage and use it as motivation in lose weight and exercise. How? The first you can start to write a list of fears you have in your mind if you fail to lose weight in time, such as:

– Left by your lover

– Laughed by children

– Be afraid to wear a swimming suit

– Laughed by old friends

– Etc.

Essentially imagines something bad that may happen to you. And stick it on your favorite places, such as your work desk, fridge or on your closet door.

4. Make some rewards for your success.

The last, try to determine rewards for every achievement that you have done. It can lead you to do better, but this will need for your high self-control of course. Some of the rewards include:

– Take a vocation

– Watching your favorite movie in a cinema

– Buy a new dress

– Etc.

But you can also imagine something good is going to happen in the future as your reward, such as:

– Having a beautiful body shape

– Can eat anything you want

– Asked about the secret by friends

– Admired by many pretty girls / handsome guys

– Etc.

5. Bonuses

I know that 4 is too limited for people, so I have prepared other things that may will help you to feel motivated to lose weight and exercise again.

  • Watch motivating videos
  • Read a biography of great people
  • Think of a disabled people who love to workout but can’t
  • Stop stepping on your scale
  • Join a race or a competition
  • Download new songs for your exercise
  • Hire a personal trainer
  • Change your workout routine
  • Sign up an online community
  • Buy yourself an awesome outfit
  • Don’t compare yourself with others
  • Find a workout partner
  • Take a yoga / meditation class
  • Experiment with healthy foods
  • Remember that nobody is perfect
  • Imagine the applause from your friends
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