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How Many oz. of Water to Drink a Day to Lose Weight

drink-waterOur body is about 60 percent water and drinking enough water is a good plan for those who are dieting, as well as ensure our internal systems work properly. Drinking water also helps distribute nutrients throughout the body, flushes toxins out of our body but it does not make you gain weight. It is true that there is not always 100% guarantee you will lose weight with a water diet, but it still help you during your daily activities and allows you reach your fitness goals.

Drinking water does not instantly make you lose weight. Actually, water is the most health drinks and provides virtually no calories compared to other health drinks. Since our bellies are full of water, we can avoid overeating during meal times. Drinking water also helps increase the metabolic rate to burn calories properly although the effect is temporary.

It is recommended to drink more water, but avoid sugar, high-calorie drinks. Drinking water before meals will help you lose about 5 pounds compared to those who did not. This trick is great for facilitating our weight management program.

We also need to increase the amount of water intake, during and after exercise. Drink about 7 to 10 oz. of water at intervals of 20 minutes during workout and 17 to 20 oz. of water two hours before you start workout. Finally, drink up to 24 oz. of water to replace fluid loss.

We can also increase the number of oz. of water to drink a day by eating more vegetables and fruits. Since most of them contain more than 90 percent water. Therefore, our body can easily absorb them and you can meet your daily water needs. Some good examples of vegetables and fruits that you can take for yourself, including tomatoes, melons, grapes, and broccoli.

A lack of water can cause dehydration. It can be dangerous because the water serves to distribute nutrients throughout the body, flushes toxins out of our bodies and make sure our internal systems work well. You can begin to imagine what would happen to you if the body cannot properly clean the toxins. Therefore, meet the drinking water needs is important, not only to lose weight but also to maintain your health.

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