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How Many Calories Should I Eat to Lose Weight?

how many calories should I eat to lose weightThe amount of calories you should eat every day depends on several things, such as your lifestyle, sex, height, size, age, and health. To put it simply, the more active you are in your days, the more calories you need. Even small factors like the way you eat your foods can bring impacts to your body. The longer you chewing your meals, the more calories the body retains.

One thing for sure, the recommended daily calories intakes vary around the globe. US authorities recommend 2,200 calories per day for women and 2,700 calories for men, while UK authorities recommend 2,000 calories for women and 2,500 calories for male. However you need to know that the rates of obesity among people in the USA are higher than in the UK. One of the main reasons is the increased use of sugar and sweeteners in foods sold in stores. Unfortunately, most food labels in the United States do not provide details about how much sugar there is.

In order to lose weight, it is recommended people to burn more calories than intake each day, be more physically active, and eating a healthy and balanced diet. The more you eat fruits and vegetables in your days, your body will getting healthier and probably you can live longer.

So, how many calories should I eat to lose weight?

Before we answer the question, you should think about 3 important things, such as:

1. How many calories do you want to lose?

Many people want to lose weight fast, but you must do it slowly but surely. You can train hard throughout the days accompanied by fasting. Of course, these steps will make you lose a lot of calories and become slim quickly, but it can also make your health deteriorate, such as feeling weak and dizzy. Some experts advise to cut one-third of the total calorie intake to lose weight.

2. What are your activity levels?

Simply put, the higher level of your activity, the more calories burned and vice versa. So if you want to lose weight quickly and safely then it should be coupled with regular exercise.

3. What are your weight loss goals?

Many people want to look slim and sexy when attend important events, like wedding, party, or graduation ceremony. Those are good boosters for you in your efforts to lose weight or at least you have a reason to have a slim body.

After that you can use the calculator below to calculate how many calories should you eat to lose weight.

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In order to limit amount of calories intake to the body, then you can try the following suggestions, such as:

1. Drink water as much as possible.

Water contains no calories, so you will not get fat due to drinking too much water, besides water also makes you feel full faster and longer. Thus, drinking water will greatly help in your diet.

2. Do not forget your breakfast.

Breakfast in the morning is very important in initiating your daily activities. You may feel weak, dizzy and very hungry in the middle of the day, so you will eat more than usual. This will certainly make you fatter, and not vice versa.

3. Avoid fast food and soft drinks.

Trust me they are the cause of your weight gain. Generally they have a fairly high sugar content, which of course also has a high amount of calories.

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