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How Many Calories Do I Need to Lose Weight but Gain Muscle

lose weight but gain muscleLosing weight is not an easy job. There are many things you should consider such as healthy foods, regular exercises and obstacles in achieving your fitness goals. Otherwise, you just do useless things and will end up with gaining weight.

So what are the calories?

Calories in layman’s language mean “energy“. It is found in a certain percentage of the food. Some foods have small amounts while others have it in large amounts. Fats and carbohydrates have a large number of calories. As we all know that in order to lose weight, we first need to match our calorie intake with the energy output. Without calories, or have in low levels, cause you will not have energy to do anything. If you do a lot of exercise, you need more calories. But you just need an average amount of calories if you do not do anything. Simply put, adjust your calorie intake with the energy output.

How many calories do I need daily?

You need to consider that the more calories you take in, the more calories you have burned. If you do not use it, the calories will be stored in your body as fat. 3500 excess calories are stored as 1 pound of fat. On the other side, if you burn 3,500 calories, your body will use 1 pound of fat from your body. In order to get the amount of calories you need to lose weight, you need to calculate how many calories you need each day, calories burned from physical activity and consider your BMR.

You can eat anything as long as they are all not exceeding your daily calorie needs. Fat is also needed by the body as a source of energy, but if it is not available, the body will use protein as a source of alternative energy. It is not a good thing, because the main function of protein is to repair and build cells and not as a source of energy. This means that we still need a normal amount of fat intake to the body to function properly.

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

BMR is a measure of how many calories you need each day. This is influenced by body weight, height, age and gender. But, in general, a woman needs 2000 calories per day, and a man needs about 2500 calories per day.

♦ BMR for females: (height in cm x 6.25) + (weight in kg x 9.99) – (age x 4.92) – 161

♦ BMR for males: (height in cm x 6.25) + (weight in kg x 9.99) – (age x 4.92) + 5


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