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How Many Calories a Day to Lose Weight Fast

lose-weight-fastMany people wonder how many calories a day to lose weight fast. There are lots of great ideas on how to lose weight out there, but there are also some misinformation. One method that is valid to use is through the calculation the number of calories. I chose this method because it proved very successful in losing weight and also a safe method for anyone, but require precision.


There are three important things that must be considered to lose weight, including:

1. You have to understand how your body gains weight and vice versa.

This is an important point to be noticed. In theory, our bodies will gain weight if you eat more calories than you burn and your body will lose weight if you burn more calories than you get from foods. The only way that you can do to burn calories is by doing exercises and you can do diet or fasting to limit the intake of calories into your body.

2. Watch what you eat.

Each food has a different amount of calories and each person needs a different amount of calories as well. This means you have to pay attention to your diet and not snacking uncontrollably. Another thing which is also important for you to consider is make a record of your progress, including the foods you eat, the exercises you do and your weight.

3. Do not do it excessively.

After making calculations about how many calories should you burn each day or maximum amount of calories you should consume, then we just need to do it. But not everyone is capable of doing a hard workout if previously he/she never exercising and people who eat a lot will not be able to directly reduce its food rations significantly. You need to do it gradually in order not to affect the health of your body.

Once you know the basic, so the next step is determine your target.

One of the guides about the calories that is “1 pound is worth 3,500 calories”. So in order to lose weight 1 pound, you must burn 3,500 calories. 2 pounds means 7,000 calories and so on.

* 1 pound (lb) = 0.45 kilograms (kg)

After that you also have to pay attention about the calorie amount of your food and the amount of calories you burn from your activities.

Some examples of table comparison of the number of calories that you can use include:

Low Calorie Food

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Calories Burned per 30 Minutes

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With knowing such data then you can make a more precise calculation of how many calories should you eat / burn in one day.

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