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Top High Protein Foods Choices

high-protein-foodsProtein is the most important nutrient for increase muscle mass in the body.  So make sure to consume high protein foods every day adequately. Without them you can forget about having a muscular body. High consumption of protein is an essential task for every serious body builder and also for repairing damaged muscles after workouts.

How much we must consume every day to build muscles successfully? The general rule should be approximately 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of the body weight. If you have weight 160 pounds, then you must consume protein about 160 grams to 240 grams in one day.

List of high protein foods that great for building muscles.

1. Whey

There is no doubt about it, whey protein is the king of all protein in term of value and quality. The top quality protein has fast absorption rate compared with the other protein source. They are necessary for faster muscle growth and increase body strength.

2. Eggs

These are natural protein source to grow your muscle. An egg packed with vitamins and other essential minerals. Eggs are the standard food for muscle development. But beware to much eat yolk, it may be delicious but it’s rich of fat and only the egg white contain protein. It will not be a problem if you eat eggs as necessary.

3. Fish

Fish is another source and most of fish fillets have 22 grams of protein. Beside have an excellent source of protein, fish also have omega-3, these acids are good for improve brain and body functions.

4. Turkey or chicken breast

Chicken breast is known as one of the best source high protein and chicken meat also has low fat and vitamin B6 for heart protection. The meat is extremely rich in protein.

5. Red meat

This tasty meat also source of high protein for building more muscles. A large streak has 40 grams of protein. Beef is rich in creatine and B-complex that help you to boosting your energy.

6. Milk

Milk also one of high protein foods. It not only has high level of protein, but also high amount of amino acids for faster muscle growth.  Not only that, milk also provides a respectable amount of mineral, calcium and vitamins. Drink milk daily will greatly help you to achieve your daily protein target.

But what if you are busy with your job and don’t have enough time for shopping the foods in the market. The solution is you can just buy some whey supplements. Whey Supplementation is widely used in fitness gyms. Its known has high value of BV (Biological Value) and able to be digest rapidly by the body. The good time for consumption is after exercises or after wake up in the morning.

There are 3 kinds of whey that you can choose on the market:

1. Whey protein Concentrate (WPC)

It is pure whey protein with contents of 70 – 85 % of protein and 30 – 15 % of fats and carbohydrates. The advantage this product is it has pretty good quality with economical price.

2. Whey protein Isolate (WPI)

WPI is more pure than WPC; the content reaches 90-98 % of protein. And because it more pure then the fat and carbohydrate level are lower than WPC. Thus make it good for anyone have lactose intolerance. Unfortunately all these advantages make it more expensive.

3. Whey protein Blend (WPB)

This product is the result of a mixture / blend of WPC and WPI. This means that WPB have a quality product but the price is still the economic.


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