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Healthy Food Facts for Your Daily Life

Most people today are very concerned about the cleanliness and quality of the food they eat. Given that the cost of treatment at a hospital can be very expensive.

Healthy food will make you healthy, and vice versa. So your choice is very important for your health. There are so many tips on healthy foods that you can find on the internet. A small part of it is about the healthy foods facts that you can read below.

processed-foodsStay away from processed foods.

There is an advice to avoid processed foods, such as processed meats, canned foods, pastries, etc. Most of them tend to be rich in preservatives, saturated fats, and sodium. Thus, it always looks fresh and tasty to eat.

But remember that healthy food does not stay fresh for a long time, and should be eaten immediately after cooking.


Herbs as a substitute for sugar and salt.

If you are worried about excessive consumption of sugar or salt in your cooking. The use of herbs can help you in reducing the use of salt and sugar every day.

In addition, various herbs known to be high in antioxidant content and as a flavor enhancer.

Some herbs are commonly used in cooking, such as basil, chives, cilantro, mint and salad.


bananasDo not eat bananas on an empty stomach.

Banana is one of the popular fruits. But bananas are rich in sugar, especially over-ripe ones that can be a problem for you.

Avoid eating bananas in the morning when your stomach is empty. That’s because bananas are acidic, so it is feared can cause stomach pain.


Do not forget to eat broccoli.

For those of you who do not like broccoli, maybe it’s time you forget the taste and focus your attention on the nutritional content of a sprig of broccoli.

The first broccoli is rich in antioxidants, which help increase your immune system. It also has selenium that can reduce the risk of getting cancer. Broccoli also contains vitamin A and vitamin E.

In addition, broccoli also contains more vitamin C than an orange.


healthy-eating-tips-1Cooked vegetables can be more nutritious.

Some types of vegetables if heated will cause them to be more easily digested by the body and the nutrients contained in them more quickly absorbed by the body. In addition, cooked vegetables taste better.

Some of these vegetables, among others: spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, tomatoes, carrots and pumpkin.

But keep in mind not to boil or heat vegetables for a long time, because the contained vitamins and minerals can be lost in large numbers.


Supplements are not real food.

There are some people who think if they have consumed some supplements, then their daily nutritional requirement has been fulfilled. Yet the reality is not so.

Supplements sold on the market do not contain vitamins and minerals as much as real foods, such as fruits and vegetables. That’s because supplements are designed to complement your daily nutritional needs, not to replace them.


Do not forget Vitamin D.

Of all the available vitamins, vitamin D is probably the most unique. Vitamin D is produced by the human body itself, in the skin when exposed to sunlight. Thus, it is called a sunshine vitamin.

The problem for modern humans is that they are rarely exposed to sunlight. Leave work at dawn, work in a closed room and come home at nightfall.

Unwittingly many of us are deficient in vitamin D. Lack of vitamin D can cause weakened muscles and bone pain.

An alternative way to get vitamin D is through food, such as salmon, tuna, soy milk, mushrooms, eggs, etc.

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    Good mention in using herb as substitute for salt and sugar. As a vegetarian, I sometimes need different tastes and flavors to make food and drinks palatable. Thanks too for mentioning facts about banana and brocolli.

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