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Healthy Eating Tips for Weight Loss

You’ve done hard exercises every day, but you still can not manage to lose weight. That may happen because there are some mistakes with your daily diet. This sounds trivial, but people often ignore a healthy diet that can lead to failure to lose weight.

Healthy lifestyle is not a difficult thing to do, but it requires continuous work to get good results.

Here are some healthy eating tips to lose weight you can learn. I hope you will like it.


Cook your own food at home.

Cooking your own meals at home not only saves your monthly expenses, but it can also help you slim down quickly. Many foods sold in the market or hawker centers contain more fat, sugar, and additional flavorings. That’s why these foods taste better than your own dishes, but the hygiene and nutrition of your food is certainly more valuable.


Avoid drinks and foods rich in sugar.

Sugar does make food and drinks taste more delicious, but if consumed in excess amount will make you suffer from obesity. Some foods and drinks you should avoid if you want to lose weight, include:

Foods: canned fruits, candies, dried fruits, jams, chocolates, ice cream, etc.

Drinks: soft drinks, sports drinks, flavored coffees, bottled smoothies, syrups, etc.


Eat small portions throughout the day.

For those who already have a fat body, it would be very difficult to diet. One of the healthy tips you can do is keep eating as you normally do, but with smaller portions, and replace your snacks with healthy foods, such as vegetables, fruits or nuts.


Try chewing your food slowly.

One way that you can do to quickly stop eating is by chewing the food slowly. Moreover, for those who have a big appetite. But, of course this will require a lot of patience from yourself.


Drink plenty of water.

Drinking more water will help maintain longer satiety, especially if you drink plenty of water before or after the main meal. For those of you who often feel hungry at night, you can try this method to prevent you from eating.


Changing the way you cook.

Most people love to cook food by frying. It certainly feels tastier. However, do you know the excess oil in cooking is not good for our health. It will bring various diseases to your body, one of them is obesity.

Change to methods like boiling, steaming or roasting. It may feel less delicious on the tongue, but it’s healthier.


Reduce the amount of salt in cooking.

Salt is very important in cooking, it provides good taste and also essential nutrients for the body. Thus, almost all dishes contain salt. However, too often adding salt in foods or eating salty foods will bring negative impacts on your health, such as high blood pressure and obesity.


Eat more fish.

Meat lovers can turn their attention to the fish. Fish is also rich in various vitamins and minerals are good for our health. However, fish are not high in saturated fat content compared to beef or pork. Thus, it is much safer to consume every day.

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  • Lily I Benstrends

    I support all points mentioned. Weight loss has more to do with food intake. I most especially like the suggestion of substitution and eating in small portions. It’s always been my rule to eat frequently and in small portions of everything so as to not deprive myself. It also helps to not gain weight. Substituting food and drinks for healthier ones are also good ways to start a diet. Great read! Thanks for sharing!

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