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Health and Wellness Tips that You May not Know

Between office, family and social life, many people can not keep up on their personal health and wellness until an illness stops them from their tracks. It is a sad truth, with so many health care and fitness center around us, staying healthy should be an easy task to be done.

A healthy body is not hard to achieve. The journey begins with simple things in your lifestyle. Diet, proper exercise and rest actually play a big role in our life. Health and wellness are good habits that must be maintained everyday.

So, everyone can actually achieve wellness whether you are a full-time officer, an athlete or a busy mom. You also do not have to have a lot of money or time for it. Good nutrition is one of the keys to good health / wellness. Avoids junk foods and regularly eat healthy foods, such as whole grains, eggs, vegetables and fruits.

No one can become healthy just by wishing or making excuses.

The following is good health and wellness tips. These tips are pretty simple and can be followed by everyone.


healthy-dietDrink a glass of water after wake up in the morning. Drinking is an essential thing for your body after a long fast at night. Remember, our body need enough water to function properly.

Eat breakfast. Make sure you start your day with a healthy breakfast, or you will be very hungry at mid-day and lead you to overeating at lunch.

Add berries to your breakfast. Berries are incredible food, not just good sources of vitamin C but also keep us fuller for a longer time.

Eat more vegetables and fruits. Despite fruits and vegetables are not your favorite foods, but try to eat more of them everyday. They are good to keep doctors away.

Vary your meals. Our body need various vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, C, D, etc.), protein, and minerals (Calcium, Copper, Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc, etc.) to function properly and maintain the immune system. Make sure your body get most of them, by varying your meal every day.

Take vitamins or food supplements. Food supplements can help you stay healthy, especially when you are not getting enough nutrition from your meals.

Drink enough water. Drinking water not only prevent our body from dehydration, but also help boost our concentration.

Use herbs in your cooks. Some herbs, such as ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, turmeric, thyme, basil, etc. are good additional for your cooking. Besides as flavoring, they also help reduce high blood pressure levels, improve mood, antioxidant and anti-cancer agents.

Drink plain tea or plain coffee. Tea and coffee are good sources of antioxidants. They are great for our health, but make sure to keep milk and sugar away, which takes away the benefits. Tea is known for years as healing remedy, while coffee for cancer prevention and longevity.

Choose lean proteins.  Salmon, tuna, lean chicken, beans, and legumes are some good resources of lean proteins. But why we must choose it? Many foods not only high on protein but also fat and cholesterol. However, our body only need less fat and cholesterol. High levels cholesterol and fat in our body can bring diseases, like obesity or high blood pressure.

Limit junk foods. In this modern day, junk foods are solution for everyone who do not have time to prepare meals. It is fast and easy. But for your own health, limit eating them as much as you can. Junk foods contain high levels of fat and sugar, with little minerals, vitamins and protein for our body.

Limit sugary and caffeinated beverages. Drinking these beverages everyday, not only help fatten your body faster but also bring bad effects on your health.



healthy-exerciseCycling. Do you have a bike in your garage? Why not try to cycling to your office or campus. It can help relieve stress, make you happier and burns fat.

Play a sport. Not everyone love exercising at a gym. It is boring, sometime. But not with playing a sport, like basketball, tennis or football. People must have one or two sports that they love to play. Just play it already. Not mention the healthy benefits that you can get from it.

Try to walk more. I believe everyone must have a vehicle in their home which used to go to work. Or may be using public transportation, like bus. If the distance of your home to the office not to far, then why not try go by walking. Instead of using lift, try using stairs to get into your floor. Just give a reason to walk more. 20 – 30 minutes a day is enough.

Vary your exercises. Try to incorporate cardio and strength exercises into your workout routine, not just one kind. It will make your body more balanced.

Take a friend with you. Exercising with a friend is a great way to keep motivated and make it fun. So, do not forget to give a call to your friend before going to a gym or just jogging in the morning.

Lift something heavy each day. Lifting a heavy thing, such as a dumbbell, or a kettlebell not only good for strengthen our bone, but also help improve our metabolism, energy and sense of motivation. Just 5 – 15 minutes is enough for you to get good results.

Do not sit too long. Sit for a long time, like working in front your computer, or watching TV can slow down the metabolism, cause brain fog, make you tired and lead to a bad mood. Try to stand-up and move around for awhile to prevent these.

Now, you can try the health and welfare of these tips to get happier, healthier you. You can try out one by one, hopefully you can feel the changes in a short time. You need to remember that health and wellness are not a gift, but the fruit of hard work and commitment to a healthy living.

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