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HCG Diet Plan

hcg diet planFor those who are interested in HCG diet, the following is a summary of some of articles that discuss about HCG diet plan. HCG diet plans can be referred to as the HCG protocol consists of four phases, include:

1. HCG diet plan phase 1

Duration: 2 days

Goal: preparatory phase before starting the diet

Rules: none


The first phase is actually an option and is only intended for those who require detox before starting the diet. There are several ways that you can do to detox from the body, include: do a cleanse, avoid junk foods or artificial sweeteners, do exercise, and get enough rest.

2. HCG diet plan phase 2

Duration: 3 weeks

Goal: Losing weight

Rules: 500 calories intake a day


In the second phase you should limit your intake of calories in the body, with a maximum amount of 500 calories a day along with the use of HCG.

The following is a list of low calorie foods that you can use as a guideline for you.

3. HCG diet plan phase 3

Duration: 3 weeks

Goal: maintain body weight

Rules: no sugar, no starches


In this phase you have to keep the weight you already own. The only rules you must obey is that no starch and sugar in your meal menu.

Some sugar-rich foods that you should avoid, among others: syrup, honey, corn, ice cream, chocolate bars, pudding, donuts, etc.

Some starch-rich foods that you should avoid, among others: potatoes, rice, pastas, crackers, cookies, cereals, bread

4. HCG diet plan phase 4

Duration: rest of our life

Goal: controlling feelings of hunger

Rules: only eat when you feel hungry, eat in moderation


The last phase is actually a part of your new lifestyle, where you need to control the intake of calories in your body. Although at this stage you are allowed to consume starchy and sugary foods, but please keep it under control. You also need to avoid foods that are proven to increase weight drastically, example: burgers, soft drinks and fried chicken. For simplicity, focus on a healthy lifestyle by eating more green vegetables, fresh fruits and drinking water.

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