Weight Loss Plans

HCG Diet Plan Food List

hcg diet plan food listIn an effort to facilitate you in choosing the right foods for the HCG diet, the following is an HCG diet plan food list that you can choose from:

MeatsServing SizeCalories
Roast Beef3 thin slices168
Chicken Breast (Skinless)3 ounces138
Whitefish3 ounces114
BeverageServing SizeCalories
Brewed tea (unsweet)12 ounces4
Tomato/Vegetable juice12 ounces80
Mineral Water1 bottle0
Watercress4 ounces25
Turnips1 cup55
Turnip Greens1 cup45
Tomato1 medium20
Squash/Zucchini1 cup40
Spinach1 cup10
Romaine Lettuce4 ounces25
Red Sweet Peppers1medium25
Raw White Onions4 ounces40
Raw Kale1 cup40
Raw Cauliflower1 cup30
Raw Cabbage1 cup25
Radishes4 small8
Lettuce1 cup15
Leeks1/2 cup16
Green Sweet Peppers1 medium20
Green Onions6 small25
Green Beans4 ounces40
Endive/Escarole1 cup10
Dandelion4 ounces50
Collard Greens1 cup25
Celery1 stalk5
Brussel Sprouts1 cup50
Broccoli4 ounces30
Beet Greens1 cup25
Asparagus4 ounces20
Strawberries1 cup55
Lemon1 medium17
Blue Berries1 cup83
Black Berries1 cup62
Apple1 medium80

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