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Getting the Best Benefits of Safflower Oil

safflower-oilSafflower oil is one of the vegetable oil that is beneficial for weight loss. This product is quite famous for its usefulness, but apparently safflower oil also has some other benefits which you may need to know.

As the name suggests, this oil extracted from the seeds of plant called safflower. If you intend to buy a bottle of safflower oil both for beauty and health purposes, then you need to know the methods used in the extracting. It is usually written on the label.

1. Mechanical method.

This method is the most I like, because it does not remove the beneficial chemicals contained in the oil. The process of extracting uses a machine to squeeze oil out of the seeds.

2. Chemical method.

This process involves the addition of some chemicals into the oil, and risk losing the natural substance that still has other advantages in the oil. Besides the chemicals can also be hazardous to health if it consumed.

Safflower oil contains a variety of substances such as saturated fatty acids (8%), monounsaturated fatty acids (11%), polyunsaturated fats (79%) and the rest are vitamin K, vitamin E, cis-linoleic acids, omega-6 fatty acids and choline. So, it can be sure that the oil is very beneficial for our health.

The benefits that you can get from consume safflower oil, including:

• Remove excess fat.

Safflower oil helps the body convert fat into energy for daily activities and also reduce the amount of insulin in the body. Insulin plays a role in storing excess calories as fat. So for those who are overweight can add these oils into their cooking.

• Lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.

It’s one of the benefits that are most needed by almost everyone. As we know that high cholesterol is closely related to dangerous diseases, one of them is heart attacks.

• Improve the performance of our body.

Polyunsaturated fats play an important role in the creation of substances called prostaglandins in the body. Prostaglandins work to increase the power and performance of cells in the body. Thus, your body can perform various activities well.

• Enhance the beauty of your hair and skin.

For those that have problems with their hair or skin, can begin to use the oil as a routine treatment to obtain a form of hair and skin which beautiful, shine and healthy.

Those are some of benefits that we can get from safflower oil, not just to lose weight, but also for beauty and health.

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