Garmin Forerunner 305 Gps Receiver

Garmin-Forerunner-305Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver with heart rate monitor is a most effective and powerful wrist-mounted GPS device. This device also includes wireless heart rate monitoring and you can connect it to Garmin’s wireless bicycle cadence and speed sensor.


The 305 come with a waterproof design, which means not only serves as a sports watch, the curved casing is designed in order to make the unit’ antenna to face the sky when you are running. And the wide-screen display is positioned for the best viewing and its resolution is high to offer incredible crispness and clarity.

Garmin smartly bring a simple and elegant button layout for the 305. The right side is placed enter and menu selection buttons, and the left side is placed a mode and a back-light / power buttons.

This is a small improvement over the confusing buttons of previous Garmin Forerunner. At underside of the 305 is placed the data cradle and charging module. The cradle is pretty small and you can use its mini USB connects to your laptop or AC adapter.

GPS Performance

The Garmin Forerunner 305 powered with SiRFstar III GPS receiver that means the 305 is able to track and maintain your lock on position better than before it. Even the satellite acquisition was almost instantaneous, tests carried out on a bike ride shows the unit doesn’t disrupted and a run through dense trees was equally impressive.

However the Forerunner 305 is not a GPS navigation device, so please keep in mind it have basic mapping, routing and marking. But this feature is advanced than other competitors, you can zoom out or in of a map that sows your current path and position.

There is a “go to location” feature that gives a route to any place you have defined or just to your starting location.

Training Functions

This device is the first training tool that able to organize a lot of data into a user experience. The 305 gives you real time information about your workout such as distance, calories burned, heading, elevation, lap and grade. It is also have an ability to track average heart rate and lap heart rate via a heart rate chest strap.

The device is easy to use, you also can arrange the data according the most important to you and then they will appear on front and middle of the device.

After a few minutes, you will have the most important data about workout. The ability to show heart rate is a valuable part, as it is an indicator of your fitness level, fatigue and exercise output.

Computer Connectivity and Software

heart rate monitor reviewsGarmin has built their devices with USB connectivity and integrating it with Training Center software. With a USB connection you can upload your history and store it on your laptop / PC.

Training Center isn’t only compatible with both Mac and PC, you also can see your heart rate graph alongside with your distance and speed.

This is the simplest way to view an increase in your fitness level and also helps to analyze what types of workout is important to you.

For example, if you see at your graph, you heart rate began to surge after a certain minutes and distance; it means you need to improve your endurance level.


  • The device has fast satellite acquisition time and awesome accuracy
  • The design is simple to use (almost looks like a normal wrist watch) but has powerful features


  • It is bigger and more expensive than any sports wrist watch
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