Best Foot and Calf Massagers 2021 to Relieve Foot Pain

Is your foot killing you?

Pain, soreness or numbness make daily activities become difficult for you.

Do you want to be free from them?

There are many ways to get relief from foot pain. Usually you can take medicine, get a good rest and the pain will go away in the following days.

However, in some cases, for example plantar fasciitis. This is not going to work very well.

So, what do we do next in this case?

One of the medical treatments that you can do is foot massage.

It is simple, no complicated medications, no surgery, no hurry.

NoImageNameTargetHeaterMassage TypesPrice 
1Cloud-Massage-Shiatsu-Foot-MassagerCloud MassageSoles,
- Ankles
2RENPHO Foot MassagerRENPHO Foot MassagerFoot top,
- Toes
3QUINEAR Leg MassagerQUINEAR Leg MassagerFeet and calves✔️Air compression$109.99
4Power Legs Vibration MassagerPower Legs Vibration MassagerSoles,
quad and lower back
5FIT KING Foot and Leg MassagerFIT KING Foot and Leg MassagerFeet,
Air Compression$139.99
6InvoSpa Shiatsu Foot MassagerInvoSpa Shiatsu Foot MassagerToes, arch, heel✔️Rolling.
7Miko Shiatsu Foot MassagerMIKO Shiatsu Foot Massager
Soles and top of feet✔️Rolling,
8Human Touch Reflex5sHuman Touch Reflex5sSoles, heels, ankles and calvesRolling and compression$204.59
9LifePro VitalizeLifePro VitalizeSoles, calves, hamstring, quad and lower backVibration$139.99

Best Foot Massagers to relieve foot pain

1. Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot MassagerCheck-Price-Cloud-Massage-Shiatsu-Foot-Massagerjpg

If you suffer from pain, swelling and discomfort in your feet, whether due to plantar fasciitis, diabetics, neuropathy or other medical conditions, this is a therapy machine that you must have.

It also has an adjustable bar for an optimal comfortable position (you can check the explanation video below for a better understanding).

What makes this machine so special?

1. Powerful shiatsu massager

Cloud Massage brings deep kneading, compression pressure and heating features to their massage machine, so you will feel as if you are being massaged by a professional therapist.

The machine is really powerful, it’s kneading, stretching and pressing your feet as if they were dough. So if you are going to try it for the first time, you can start with low intensity or wear socks for extra cushioning.

From several feedback after using this machine, the users experience improvement in their feet after 2 weeks of use.

2. Adjustable to various positions and angles.

This machine is equipped with a black bar that can be adjusted according to your comfort angle, without having to change your sitting position.

  • Powerful massager with heat, vibration and air compression to improve blood circulation, eliminate muscle aches, tissue inflammation and more.
  • Adjustable bar for maximum comfort angle, no need to bother changing your sitting position.

  • It will be painful for some people, especially at high intensity settings


  • Foot / Calf area: 5 “wide x 11” long
  • Suitable for patients: plantar fasciitis, diabetic neuropathy, heel spurs, swelling, restless leg, etc.
  • Massage mode: Rolling, compression, vibration and heat
  • Intensity: 3 levels
  • Target massage: soles, calves, toes and ankles
  • Heater: Yes
  • Timer: None
  • Remote control: None
  • Special feature: adjustable bar

2. Renpho Foot Massager MachineCheck-Price-RENPHO-Foot-Massager-Machine

The next massager is Renpho. This machine offers reflexology for you, so for you who have your foot problems, such as cramps, aches, pains or mind problems, such as stress, headaches, insomnia, etc. This machine is probably the solution you are looking for.

Renpo foot massager is equipped with a shiatsu function to knead and stretch your feet. The heating function is also useful to provide more benefits for your health, especially during winter. You can also turn off this heating function if you don’t like it.

It is equipped with detachable cloth cover, great for you who care about foot hygiene especially for use together with your family.

  • A shiatsu massage machine that is great for those of you who want a reflexology at home, relieve foot pain and calm your mind.

  • The cloth foot cover can be removed for cleaning purposes

  • For the new model, a remote control is available to make changes to massage mode, intensity and heat levels. Now you no longer need to bother bending over to change the settings.

  • The foot chamber can be a little tricky for some people, feeling too narrow or spacious. The recommended size is 8-10, although the maximum size is 12.

  • It takes time to heat up. If you like the heating function, you can activate the function and leave it up to 15 minutes for later use.


  • Max foot size: men size 12 / 11.25″
  • Suitable for patients: plantar fasciitis, diabetic neuropathy, swelling, headaches, insomnia, stress, etc.
  • Massage mode: rotation ball, rolling stick, heat
  • Intensity: 3 levels
  • Target massage: foot top, arch, heel and toes
  • Timer: 15/30 minutes
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Special feature: detachable cloth cover for a clean massage environment

3. Quinear Leg MassagerCheck-Price-QUINEAR-Leg-Massager-with-Heat-Air-Compression-Massager

Quinear may be a suitable foot massager for you who are too sensitive to pain to undergo a shiatsu massage, whether it’s due to injuries, a doctor’s recommendation or your personal preference.

It is a device that can massage you comfortably without making you scream in pain.

The wrap can be easily adjusted to fit your calf, with a maximum circumference of 28.5 in. Now, you don’t have to worry about it getting loose when put on.


Air compression with heating function

This massager has 2 air pockets that can expand and deflate to massage your feet thoroughly plus a heater to soothe your stiff leg muscles.

  • A comfortable reflexology massage for everyday use.

  • Not a shiatsu massage, so it may not be suitable for you who need a more intense massage.


  • Max calf size: 28.5 in
  • Suitable for patients: sore, aching feet
  • Massage mode: air compression and heat
  • Intensity: 3 levels
  • Target massage: feet and calves
  • Timer: 20 minutes auto shut-off function
  • Remote control: yes with cable
  • Special feature: foldable for easy carrying wherever you go, a travel storage bag

4. Power Legs Vibration Plate Foot MassagerCheck-Price-Power-Legs-Vibration-Plate-Foot-Massager

Power leg offers an open air massage concept with vibrating plates to treat your feet, thighs or calves.

The advantage of this technology is that you can focus on the part of foot that you want massage, such as heels, toes, heels, etc. You can also use it to massage other parts of your body that feel achy, such as the back, arms, thighs and calves.

However, for that purpose you need to adjust your sitting position or the massager position to reach the part you want to massage.


Acupuncture plate

This massage method uses acupuncture to puncture your feet with serrated rubber plates. If you like gentle massages that can leave you feeling relaxed and asleep, then this machine may not for you.

However, if you want to try acupuncture to improve your condition, then this electric massage deserves your attention.

There are 10 levels of massage that you can choose depending on your preferences. The rubber surface is durable and the vibrations are strong enough to soften the stiff muscles of your feet and improve clogged blood circulation.

  • Strong vibration and serrated rubber plates to give you a great acupuncture massage session in your home, without having to hire masseurs every day.

  • It tends not to last very long, although it depends on user care and usage


  • Suitable for patients: hamstring injury, calf pain, varicose veins, restless legs, poor blood circulation, etc.
  • Massage mode: standby, manual and automatic mode
  • Intensity levels: 10
  • Target massage: soles, calves, hamstring, quad and lower back
  • Timer: No
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Special feature: serrated rubber plates

5. Fit King Foot and Leg MassagerCheck-Price-FIT-KING-Foot-and-Leg-Massager

If you need a leg, calf and thigh massage at the same time, then the Fit King is probably the best massager you’re looking for.


  1. It is equipped with 3 airbags to give you the comfortable massage you need to recover and relax.
  2. Designed with 3 massage modes with 10 different massage systems which have different inflating and deflating sequences and different levels of intensity to give you the comfortable massage you need.
  • A good massage to treat sore, swollen feet, improve blood circulation and also help you feel relaxed

  • No heating feature


  • Max calves size: 28.5″ / 72 cm
  • Suitable for patients: sore legs, restless leg syndrome, varicose veins and swollen legs or edema
  • Massage mode: sequence, circulation and whole 3odes
  • Intensity: 3
  • Target massage: feet, thighs and calves
  • Timer: No
  • Remote control: Yes with cable
  • Special feature: a free travel storage bag plus 2 additional wrappers

6. InvoSpa Shiatsu Foot Massager MachineCheck-Price-Invospa-Shiatsu-Foot-Massager-Machine-with-Heat

Invospa offers a comfortable shiatsu massage for your home. So for those who are looking for a great massage to treat your foot condition, such as plantar fasciitis or neuropathy, this machine can be added to your shopping list.


Standardized shiatsu massage machine including rolling massage therapy, air pressure massage plus heating function.

This electric massage machine offer a great shiatsu massage that you need to relax stiff leg muscles, improve blood circulation and make your feet more agile and less painful.

You can also adjust the kneading direction or turning the air pressure massage only with one button touch to give you the comfortable massage you need. The heater will provide a deeper massage sensation, especially for strong foot muscles.

The foot pockets can be removed for washing purposes. You don’t need to worry if this machine will get a bad smell, especially for those who easily get excessive sweaty feet.

Mini Ergonomics massage heads

The unique feature of this machine is that it has multiple mini massage heads built-in to provide reflexology. From several foot massage machines that I have reviewed, not many machines have this feature. So it might be worth considering if you like reflexology.

  • The engine is silent

  • Works well to calm tense nerves and relieve pain from plantar fasciitis.

  • It takes time for the heater to warm up, if you like the heating feature you can turn it on and leave it for a few minutes to use later.


  • Max foot size: men size 12 / 11.25″
  • Suitable for patients: tired feet, neuropathy, chronic nerve pain and plantar fasciitis
  • Massage mode: kneading modes and air compression only
  • Intensity: 3
  • Target massage: toes, arch, heel
  • Timer: 15 minutes
  • Remote control: No
  • Special feature: multiple mini massage heads

7. Miko Shiatsu Foot MassagerCheck-Price-Miko-Shiatsu-Foot-Massager

Miko is one of the most popular brands you can trust to choose your first electric foot massager.

For you who experience foot conditions such as pain, numbness, pain or cramps. The Miko Shiatsu foot massager will help relieve foot pain, let you relax and re-energize your body by delivering great massages.

There are 5 levels of intensity that you can choose and adjust to your needs. Make sure you start from low intensity, because it may be painful for you if you are not used to high intensity.

You can enjoy a deeper shiatsu massage by turning on the heating function to reach your stiff muscles, especially for the treatment of conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Unlike most similar models, this machine is equipped with a wireless remote to change settings easily, without having to change your comfortable position. The foot pockets can be removed for washing purposes. There is a manual in the package for those of you who are clueless about this machine.

I think this is quite an interesting offer from Miko.

  • An attractive offer for a shiatsu massage machine complete with wireless remote plus a user manual for your ease and convenience of use.

  • Most massages only target the bottom soles and top not the heel, sides and ankle.


  • Max foot size: men size 11.5″
  • Suitable for patients: plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, diabetes, chronic pain, muscle tension, etc.
  • Massage mode: Heat, air pressure and rolling massage
  • Intensity: 5 level
  • Target massage: sole and top of feet
  • Timer: 15 minutes
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Special feature: detachable foot pockets

8. Human Touch Reflex5s Foot and Calf MassagerCheck-Price-Human-Touch-Reflex5s-Foot-and-Calf-Massager

The next massage machine is the Human Touch Reflex5s.

This machine massage targets the calves, heels and ankles of your feet. If you experience frequent aches, pains or cramps in the area, this may be the machine you are looking for.


* Patented figure-eight massage technology.

Delivers a wave-like motion massage technique from the foot to the calf. This patented massage technology is believed to increase blood flow, enhance the healing process and relax the body and mind.

* Easy to operate for all ages

This machine only has 2 levels of intensity and doesn’t have many settings which can be confusing for some people especially the elders.

* Adjustable bar

This machine is also equipped with an adjustable bar to adjust the tilt to your comfortable angle.

* Washable leg cover

No need to worry if this machine will smell bad, because you can unzip it for the foot cover to be washed.

  • Has a patented massage technology

  • Only has 2 levels of intensity and doesn’t have many massage modes to choose from


  • Max feet size: men size 12
  • Max calf width: 4.5″
  • Suitable for patients: stress, circulatory issues, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, sore feet, etc.
  • Massage mode: rollers massage with figure-eight technology
  • Intensity: 2 levels
  • Target massage: soles, heels, ankles and calves
  • Timer: No
  • Heater: No, only available on the more expensive model (SOL)
  • Remote control: No

9. LifePro Vitalize Foot Massager MachineCheck-Price-LifePro-Vitalize-Foot-Massager

There are several considerations that make vibrating massages such as LifePro Vitalize preferable:

It does not squeeze your feet, for those who have foot injury or inflammation tend to avoid too intense massage.

You can still move your feet during the massage

No need to worry about foot size, it can be used by anyone


* Vibration and acupuncture massage

This machine offers massage with vibration and added acupuncture to soften stiff leg muscles, improve blood circulation without too much pain.

* 5 preset modes plus 20 speeds

You will find 5 massage modes that you can choose from and choose between 20 speed levels as the most suitable intensity for you

* Easy to carry around and store

The size of this machine is slightly larger than a household body scale. You can easily move them around and store them in a cupboard or under a table.

* Easy controls

You can make a setting by pressing the touch screen with your finger or by using the remote controller for convenience.

  • Compact design but powerful for solving foot problems.

  • No heating function


  • Suitable for patients: hamstring injury, calf pain, varicose veins, restless legs, poor blood circulation, etc.
  • Massage mode: vibrations, acupuncture
  • Intensity: up to 20 speeds
  • Target massage: soles
  • Timer: 10 minutes
  • Heater: No
  • Remote control: Yes

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