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Fitness Ball Exercises Ideas

fitness-ball-exercisesFitness ball exercises are not same with medicine ball exercises. Unlike medicine balls, these balls are much bigger than lighter. And the exercise can be done only by yourself at anywhere you want. There are several kinds of fitness balls such as gym or therapy balls, Pilate balls, balance balls, yoga balls and sport or Swiss balls. The main function these balls are train the user’s muscles to respond and adapt to the ball’s instability while exercise with them.

The main targets in these exercises are lower back and abdominal muscles. The fitness ball exercises can be an alternative way to improve your core muscles without spending too much time at gyms. It only need to be done twenty to thirty minutes in two or three days a week. You also can make some variation on the exercise, for example you can focus the exercise on your pelvic, back or hip muscles and you will get the good results on your lower and upper body muscles.

If you are a beginner, you should use the softer one. With it you can try to practice the exercise and once it becomes a routine you can move to the next level. You must to know if the ball is very unsteady, so you need to be careful and focus when performing the exercise. Keep maintaining your body stability with your muscles. And like other exercises, you need to do some stretching before begin the exercise. It help prevent injuries and especially for anyone who haven’t exercised in a long time.

The exercises are great for anyone who don’t have plenty of time go to a gym, but still want to make some exercises at home. The good news is you don’t need to sacrifice your favorite TV programs to do them. Just turn on your TV or music player while exercising. I think this way is more fun and comfortable to do exercise.


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