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fitness 19Fitness 19 was founded in 2003 to provide access to fitness center equipment to individuals not willing to pay for high prices at luxury gyms. The company could not have a heap of the frills of additional expensive gyms however makes up for this with quality equipments, affordable rates, plus friendly and helpful staff.

In contrast to many larger fitness center chains that charge expensive memberships costs and require a private to sign a one year contract, The company permits their members to pay payments month to month while not a contract. There is a small non-refundable initiation fee and a yearly bill, but these are well worth paying when you consider the monthly rate to join the fitness center is $19. The month to month cost is deducted from a member’s checking account or credit card. A private is unengaged to cancel her membership at any time so long as she provides thirty days written notice.

The gym uses Life Fitness aerobic equipment to help create positive members get the foremost effective plus safest workout possible. Types of cardio equipment accessible embrace treadmills, stair climbers, lifecycles, and then elliptical cross trainers. Depending on the time of day and day of the week it will typically be troublesome to urge the machine a member wishes to use, however with the other options available this is sometimes not a drawback for several individuals. There is typically continuously some form of cardio equipment not being used.

The gym includes a strength training area that consists of free weights, and different equipment designed on operating out each and every area of your body. The gym also uses Life Fitness and MTS Hammer equipment. Regardless of when a member is working out he typically has no downside finding an open piece of equipment that he wishes to use. The strength training area of the fitness center is typically less crowded than the aerobic area.

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