Fitbit Ultra Tracker Review

Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Tracker is a small device that keeps track all your activities including stair climbed, calories burned, distance and step in real time. You also can upload your data to to get deeper insight on your fitness level with online charts and graphs. On you can connect to your friends to compete and share on fitness goals, get encouragement and advice.

Track All Day Activity

Fitbit tracks all the detail information about your activity that ordinary pedometers would miss, when you wear the Fibit close to your body, the device begins to track your calories burned, distance traveled, number of stairs climbed and steps. The Fitbit also equipped an altimeter (a tool to measure the altitude above sea or ground surface) to track hills or stairs climbed. You will have no problems to wear it, you can insert it into your pocket or clipped to your belt.

Wirelessly Uploads Data to

Another great feature is the Fitbit automatically upload your data to every time you are within 15 feet of your computer.

Track Your Sleep

You also can you the tracker at night to monitor how well and how long you sleep. The device will count how many times you woke up and when you fall asleep.

Community Tools

Invite your friends through Facebook or email to connect on to build a fitness group, set competitive challenges together and join the Fitbit community to receive encouragement and useful tips.

Track Your Goals Online

You also can use free online tools at to analyze your fitness activities without monthly fee. From your dashboard, you can see how close you to complete your monthly or weekly goals.

Free Mobile Tools

You can log workouts, weight, water, food and much more with Fitbit’s free App and website, so no detail will get forgotten.

Log Food

The Fitbits database own over than 100,000 specific foods for you to choose from. Enter your workout specifics and then Fitbit shows you the range of calories you should stick to reach you fitness goals and dynamically adjusts based on your activities. And you can also track other health indicators like heart rate, glucose and blood pressure.

fitbit review period trackerProduct Details

  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 0.5 x 0.4 inches
  • Product Warranty: 1 year limited warranty on labor and part

Fitbit Ultra Review

fitbit review time tracker
Log onto to track your fitness progress

There are several options to wear Fitbit but typically in chest pocket, waist pocket or bra, and you must keep the Fitbit on you for 24 hours. The another thing that you should consider is always insert it in thicker clothing in order to prevent the Fitbit fall apart and broken. Every time you are within 15 feet range of your computer, the Fitbit attempts to upload your fitness data and after it’s done then don’t try again for another 15 minutes.

Its charging is fast and last days even weeks and if you are working at the computer, it’s recommended to take it off and rest it until you are ready to do something else. The instructions are clear for you to install the device and if you don’t have the software then you can download it from their website.

Visit to download.

The Fitbit is a very accurate step counter, it shows distance traveled and calories burned. And it tracks your sleep. You will get a sleep wristband with a pocket. At night, you insert the Fitbit into the pocket and then press and hold the button to active the Fitbit sleep mode.

Maybe you are thinking why I should track my sleep. But actually you can get more information about your health from your sleep such as how many times you wake up during the night. On the website, such information is referred as a sleep efficiency percentage. But it is not accurate, because the device doesn’t know the difference between you are asleep or just lying in the bed.

In summary, I recommend this Fitbit, whether you are new to Fitbit or not. It’s worth the money. Try to join the website and get active in the forum, which will get you a feel for how it work and how it maybe change your life as well.

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