fitbit one sleep tracker

Fitbit One Sleep Tracker

The Fitbit one sleep tracker is may be something you need to get motivated and active in your days. Basically, it is a fitness tracker that tracks your calories burned, steps and sleep quality. For those who do not know about the device, and here a collection of reviews of the users.

The Fitbit one has a very small size to the size of a sophisticated fitness tracker. The one may be fit inserted into a pocket on your shirt or pants. In addition you can also place it on the provided clip, so you can wear it on your belt. You will also get a sleep wristband that you can use to put the Fitbit one sleep tracker when you go to bed. The size is relatively large, but is claimed by most users it feels very comfortable when worn, even feels as if it is not being worn. Besides the sleep tracker Fitbit is also equipped with an alarm feature, which will vibrate softly to wake you, not the person next to you.

fitbit one syncs wirelessly
Fitbit One syncs wirelessly

The device is very easy to use. You simply press one button to show your calories burned, distance walked, climbed floor, steps taken and the time of day. You will also get a growing flower that represents your level of activity. The fitbit one sleep tracker can wirelessly syncs with your mobile device via Bluetooth or wireless dongle. You can also upload the data to your Fitbit online to get more detailed information about your activity. In your Fitbit account, you will get a nice view of your data on the dashboard, each with a specific metric (calories, steps, sleep, etc.). Clicking on the square will show more data about your past activities, like a total of steps you made every day of last week. In addition you can also add a list of food you eat into the app.

Fitbit online dasboard

The fitbit one sleep tracker has some default fitness goals, such as 10 floor climbed, 30 active minutes, 5 miles a day and 10,000 steps a day. With fitbit apps you can connect with your friends who also own a Fitbit account. You can compare your progress with their, and seeing how well your rank among your friends. You will also get “badges” on your account reaches an achievement, such as a badge for reaching 50 “lifetime” miles and also encouraging messages like “I’m Ready!” and “You Rock!”. The features designed to help you keep feel motivated to get active in your days.


  • Tracks your steps, calories burned and sleep quality.
  • The small size.
  • Has a feature to connect with friends.
  • Has a built-in alarm that will vibrate to wake you.
  • Include a wireless dongle to connect to your computer or laptop.


  • Count your movement as “steps” in the sleep mode.
  • The Fitbit one sleep tracker is not designed for cycling and swimming.
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