fitbit flex sleep tracking review

Fitbit Flex Sleep Tracking Review

The Fitbit Flex is a small device looks similar to a watch, but it works to track your activities day and night.

The Fitbit Flex tracks the following:

  1. Quality of sleep
  2. Hours slept
  3. Active minutes
  4. Calories burned
  5. Distance traveled
  6. Steps taken

The display has five LED lights to show your progress against your goals, each equivalent to 2,000 steps and when you hit 10,000 steps (or other goals you have set), the Fitbit Flex will vibrate to indicate you have managed to reach your daily goal. I think that it is a great feature to help you keep motivated to exercise better and be more active in your day.

By default, the FitBit Flex sets a daily goal of 10,000 steps for most its users, but you still allowed to change it. The 10,000 steps a day is a recommendation of the Surgeon General to help you to reduce the risk of disease and gain a healthier life. I know that the numbers are not an easy thing to reach, especially for those who are very busy in their daily life.

However, the Flex only great to track the number of steps. If you are using Flex for other activities, such as swimming and cycling. It will not be recorded at all.

Another cool feature besides the step-tracking is that the Fitbit Flex will also track your sleep. It records every movement in the bed as the period in which you have awakened. It will also serve as a silent alarm, buzzing in the morning to wake you up.

Fitbit Flex Sleep Tracking Review

How to use fitbit flex for sleep!

  • To enter sleep mode, tap your Fitbit Flex rapidly for one to two seconds until it vibrate and display two slowly dimming lights.
  • Tap your Flex again for one to two seconds to exit sleep mode.
  • In sleep mode, your progress will not be displayed.
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