Fitbit Aria the Best Bathroom Scale

best bathroom scaleThe Fitbit also has a line of bathroom scale called as Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi body scale. This body scale measures your body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage and absolutely your weight, with a full picture of your weight trends. The Wi-Fi body scale helps you keep motivated every day, set goals and track your progress effortlessly where the scale automatically upload your stats to your dashboard so you can get a comprehensive view of your fitness and health, exercise and eating habits. The set-up is fast and can be set up to 8 different users. You can check the result either from your smart phone or your personal computer. The scale is available in white and black.

Tracks Weight, Body Fat, and BMI

The Fitbit Aria tracks your weight, body mass index (BMI) and your body fat. The scale using several types of measurements to help you understand your progress and weight can be measured in stones, kilograms and pounds. The Aria’s weight capacity is 350 pounds.

Automatically Uploads Stats via Wi-Fi

The FItbit Aria scale automatically upload your data through Wi-Fi to your Fitbit dashboard, it only send your latest stats to your account and you don’t need to worry about the data on your scale because it remains private except you chose to share it with others.

Charts and Weight Management Tools

You can connect through the internet to track your progress with graphs and charts. You can also use free online tools to set log food, weight goals and many others.

Free Smartphone Apps

Fitbit provides both an iPhone and Android app so you can view your progress toward your goals and set log food or new goals

Get Motivated and Share Your Success

When your progress toward your goals, Fitbit awards you with badges to keep you stay motivated. You also allow to create a support network by sharing your achievement and goals with your family and friends on or through Twitter and Facebook. For your privacy, you can set what should be share on Fitbit, Twitter and Facebook.

Setting is Fast and Easy

You can connect The Fibit Aria to your home wireless network via your smart phone or personal computer. The scale is works with most browsers and compatible with Macs.

Compatible with Fitbit Ultra

The scale is compatible with FItbit Ultra (sold separately) to track your fitness trends by monitoring your calories burned, distance, steps and how well you sleep in the night. You can use both products together or separately but the data integrated into one Fitbit dashboard.

[amazonproducts asin=”B0077L8YOO”]Available in 2 color choices (black and white). Automatically recognize up to 8 different users. Account protection (with password)

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