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Top Exercise Sports Tips Guide

exercise sportBefore we start exercise sports, we should warm up first. Because of the warming up we prevent injured in training, stretch body muscles and gives preparation before we started exercise sports. To warm up we can do a small run, stretching arm and leg muscles. You can also choose to skipping or commonly known as the jump rope. I myself prefer to do this as a warming up, because it is easy and can be done anywhere. Warming up should be done about 10-15 minutes.

There are many exercise sports that we can select. One of exercise sport that we can choose is sprint. Remember you have to warm up beforehand to prevent injury to the leg muscles. Exercise sport of this kind is very useful in training of breathing, increase the circulation of blood to the heart. Or you can choose exercise  such as soccer, basketball, tennis that have a highly varied movement.

In doing exercise sports should be preceded by a light movement and do not hurry. Especially for you are a beginner. Set a target that you want to achieve in practice, and then focus in every session of exercise sport.

Once you feel comfortable with your workout, try to add portion of your training and set a new target. For exemple you can add 30 minutes of your workout or add several types of exercises into a sport exercise menu.

And lastly give your body enough rest after sport exercise. Your muscles need time to rest after sport exercise. 1 or 2 days is enough to restore your condition. Drink plenty of water and add food supplement in the daily diet menu.

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