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Exercise Programs for Beginners Weight Loss

exercise-to-weight-lossStarting a weight loss program does not require a lot of experience, but more seriousness and consistency. As a beginner, you do not need to worry too much with the program you are going through; as long as you constantly consult with your personal doctor and fitness trainer; you will find the best answers for your problems. Regular exercise is a sure way to lose weight, besides a balanced diet and adequate rest.

The following are some exercise programs for beginners weight loss that you can follow. Of course, it is very easy to follow and will fit in with your lifestyle.

1. Swimming

Swimming is an interesting idea to lose weight. Besides it feels good, it does not put stress on the joints, so you will not get tired fast. Swimming can also be categorized as a cardio workout, because you are required to be able to control your breathing during exercise.

Try to swim for 30 minutes for a few days in one week. Perform exercises slowly but still regularly. Do not forget the warm-up exercises to avoid injuries during practice. It is recommended if you are accompanied by a friend or a swimming instructor to observe your form, giving advice and corrections, and as a helper if you are drowning or cramping.

2. Walking and running

Walking and running are great cardio exercises, because in addition to burning calories; it is also useful for building muscle, improve the respiratory system and relieve stress. The program is easy and fits for anyone, but you need to practice regularly in order to get the results you want.

The only disadvantage of this program that is it puts stress on the joints and muscles, especially for beginners. This problem can be overcome by making a proper fitness program. For example: in the first week you only do a leisurely stroll for 2 km, in the second week you start running slowly, but still accompanied by some walks, in the fourth week you add the distance for 1 km, and so on.

By creating programs like the above, then you can minimize injuries and maximize your workout results. Continue to be creative with your exercise program and keep contact with the experts to get the best results.

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