Essential Oil Diffuser

essential-oil-diffuserAbout Essential Oils

An essential oil is a kind of volatile oils extracted from plants. Generally it has a special scent that is liked by many people. Thus, it is not surprising that many essential oils used as perfume and for aromatherapy. Some examples of commonly used essential oils, such as: lemon, lavender, lemongrass, geranium, and romance chamomile. Each oil is believed to have its own benefits for health.

One of the properties owned essential oil is volatile and flammable, so you should really pay attention to how you store and use it. In addition, essential oils also allows for mixed with the others to give a distinctive aroma.

Essential Oils Perfume

Another reason that makes people interested in using essential oils as perfume, besides its unique aroma is it made ​​from natural ingredients and do not use artificial compounds that are commonly found in most perfumes. Thus making it safer for routine use. Some common names, such as: lavender, lime and vanilla.

Essential Oils Aromatherapy

The aroma of essential oils sometimes give a good effect on one’s mind, like the scent of leaves would make as if you were located in a garden. Surely, this sort of thing would be very helpful to those who have problems with their minds, such as insomnia, stress, difficulty concentrating, etc. For the purpose of aromatherapy, generally used a special tool called a diffuser.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

The diffuser is a tool used to control the characteristics of a liquid. It is generally used to slow down the process of evaporation of a liquid. Thus, the use of a diffuser will help you to save your essential oil deposits, while strengthening its aroma.

The Benefits of Essential Oils

There are several other benefits offered by this oil, in addition to help calm the mind, including:

– As an anti-bacterial and inflammatory

– Relieve joint and muscle pain

– Improving the quality of sleep

– Enhance the body’s healing ability

– Brighten and refresh the skin

There are several types of essential oil diffuser that you can find, including:

1. Candle diffusers

Candle diffuser is a diffuser that utilizes a candle to gently heat the essential oil. Generally it is made of metal or ceramic.

2. Terracotta diffusers

This kind of diffuser made ​​of clay or sand. At first glance, it looks similar to a small pot, which is used to hold a liquid. There is a cap on the top which is used to control the spreading and evaporation of the oil.

3. Lamp ring diffusers

Lamp ring diffusers are like standard light bulbs, but they are designed with a grooved lip that is used to contain essential oils. When you turn on the lights, the heat generated will vaporize oils into your room.

4. Electric Diffusers

Currently, there are various kinds of electric diffusers that you can adjust to your needs. Although they are generally more expensive than others, but it can control the evaporation much better.

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