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5 Successful Ways to Have an Ideal Body Weight with Keto Diet

Summary of ketogenic / keto diet

  1. Limit carbohydrate consumption or not at all every day. Like just a small piece of plain bread.
  2. Limit protein consumption to intermediate levels. Excess protein intake will be broken down into glucose and it will disrupt the ongoing ketosis process.
  3. Sufficient consumption of healthy fats. Fish, meat and eggs are mandatory foods when undergoing a keto diet and make sure you don’t forget it.
  4. Fasting also help you to more easily reach a state of ketosis. But don’t overdo it.
  5. Exercising helps the body burn calories better when you are on a diet
  6. Make sure you are satisfied when eating, but don’t be too full or still hungry.
  7. Enough rest and avoid stress.
  8. Drink enough water because when you are in ketosis you will urinate frequently.


By following the 8 tips above, you should have no problem with ketogenic / keto diets.

Keto diets have received good attention recently. It is claimed to be able to lose one’s weight in a short time. In fact, you are allowed to eat meat all day with this diet. Hmm … that sounds interesting, right?

However, not everyone can succeed in losing weight with this diet. And maybe you are among those who fail.


First, you must understand the basis of how keto diets work.

The basis of keto diet

The basis of the keto diet principle is to make the body rely on fat as the main source of energy. The fat you consume will be burned into energy. Including fat reserves in your stomach, arms and thighs.

Maybe this sounds too good to be true. However, there is a simple explanation for that.

Two ways to reach the ketosis phase.

  1. Fasting.

This is the simplest way. Fasting for a long time will automatically make the body burn fat as an alternative energy source for activities.

  1. Limiting carbohydrate intake and only eating foods high in fat.

We force the body to have no choice, but to use fat as the main energy source. Since there are no carbohydrates around.

ketogenic diet menu

Note: a state where the body relies on fat as an energy source is called ketosis.


From the two choices above you WHICH one you prefer to choose?

I am sure that most people will choose the second choice, because you can still eat and not starve to reach the ketosis phase. Not everyone is able to fast for a long time.

I believe that at this point everyone understands how the keto diet works.

How do people fail on the KETO diet

Fatal misunderstanding

In doing a keto diet we are required to multiply eating foods rich in fat and protein, then limiting the intake of carbohydrate foods.

However, that does not mean you can freely eat steak, fried chicken or cheese all day long. Then at the end of the month, you complained that your body weight didn’t go down, instead it went up.

There are 2 good reasons for that:

* Unbalanced nutrition.

Foods high in protein and fat are important, but is the nutritional content sufficient to sustain your daily activities? Probably not. Not to mention there are some sources of fat that can be categorized as saturated fats, such as butter, meat fat, etc. which can lead you to health problems, such as heart attacks.

So that, instead of losing weight, you may fall ill.

* The body uses protein as an energy source.

Too much protein in the body, while low carbohydrates can trigger gluconeogenesis. The body uses and breaks down protein into energy. While the fat under your skin is not used. Too bad, isn’t it?

Not ready for keto flu

When you change your food habits with keto, there will be an adaptation or adjustment made by the body. This is normal, but still painful. This state is known as keto flu.

Imagine you eat with a plate of rice every morning, afternoon and evening for years from you are still a child. Then suddenly you stop or reduce it to one small portion a day.

What will you feel then? It will feel uncomfortable, right?

Note: since not everyone eats rice as a staple food, then you can imagine it with your favorite carbohydrate food. Whether it’s pizza, potatoes or bread.

Likewise with your body when you are in the stage of keto flu. It’s as if your body is screaming and asking for carbohydrates.

Some common symptoms of keto flu, such as:

  • Dizzy
  • Tired
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Difficult to concentrate
  • Insomnia

And some people give up after experiencing keto flu for the first time.

Not accompanied by physical activity

When undergoing a diet program does not mean you can be lazy. Exercise is also an important part if you want a possibility of succeeding in losing weight even higher.

Now try to look at a simple logic below.

πŸ‘‰ Keto diet makes the body use fat as energy

πŸ‘‰ Exercising requires energy and burns out layers of fat

πŸ‘ Doing keto and exercising together makes the body use fat as energy more effectively.

Maybe at this point, you have already realized why your friends have succeeded quickly while undergoing the keto diet, while there are no significant changes to you.

You consume too many calories

Most foods high in fat and protein tend to have high amounts of calories, such as meat, eggs or cheese. Meanwhile, if you go on a keto diet, these foods should always be available at your dinner table.

A common mistake made by some beginners is that they do not count or pay attention to the number of calories they eat. The important thing is the food is rich in protein and fat.

This will certainly be a problem if not followed by burning large amounts of calories through physical activity.

So, a diet is still a diet, whatever the type. πŸ˜„

Expectations are too high then get disappointed

People who are interested but then fail when running a keto diet in general believe that the results will be fast and without pain.

I do not mean to accuse you like that, but you must understand that to be able to sculpt your body requires continuous struggle from day to day until it becomes your new lifestyle.

You can’t abstain from food and exercise hard today, then two days later you eat like a starving person. Your diet will not work if so.

How to make Yourself Successful

Have a written list of friendly keto menus

If you are just starting a diet, having a WRITTEN food list is an important thing to prepare.

You can write it on a piece of paper and then tap it on the door of your refrigerator or another place that you prefer.

The more detailed the type of food you choose, the easier it will be for you to remember and manage your daily diet food menu.


Image soure:

Why do I have to make a food list?

This list will be useful for

  • guide you in choosing the right food
  • ensure you are still on the right track
  • remind you about your diet and goals

This may seem trivial, but you need to realize that a big success starts from small steps. Making a menu list is one of them. Until it becomes a habit.

How about if I don’t have an idea of ​​what to eat every day?

That is easy!

Take and copy the keto diet from those who have it. The easiest way to do this is to buy a keto diet book.

ketogenic diet book

The information from those books are far more complete than my writing. If you do have extra money, then there is nothing wrong for you to invest it by buying some books about keto diet.

Check and make sure you are in a ketosis state

One of the advantages of the keto diet compared to other diets is that you are able to check whether you are already in ketosis state or not.

* Ketosis only occurs when the body uses fat as a main energy source.

Some of the signs that you have been in a state of ketosis include:

  1. lips feel dry
  2. thirsty
  3. frequent urination
  4. bad breath
  5. hunger decreases
  6. energy increases after experiencing keto flu

You can also measure ketosis levels by using a tester. The most accurate method to do it is that by measuring your blood-ketone levels.

ketone blood tester

The diet will be fun if you know that you are on the right path to being slim. No doubt, not worried about the plan. Because, you know for sure you are in a state of ketosis.

Measure the level of blood pressure easily with this practical keto tester. Accurate and affordable. Don’t wait until you regret later.

Do intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting during the low-carb diet will help maximize weight loss progress. A common pattern is 16 hours of fasting (including sleep) and an 8-hour window for eat.

So, if your meal time when fasting is between noon and 8 pm, then the rest of the time you have to fast, including avoiding breakfast.


Use technology for success

Social Media

Take advantage of social media to help encourage you, increase knowledge, get new recipes, etc.

Some social media accounts that you can join, include:

Facebook groupKetogenic-facebook-group

  1. Ketogenic Success
  2. Ketogenic Intermittent Fasting
  3. Keto Club Group
  4. Keeping it Keto
  5. The Low Carb Life


  1. Healthfulpursuit
  2. 100ketodays
  3. ketokarma
  4. keto.connect
  5. ketodiet_app


Smartphone apps

There are many applications related to keto diets that you can install on your smart phone. Some of them can be good choices for you, including:

  1. YouTube


Who hasn’t installed a YouTube application on his/her cellphone today?

I believe that everyone who owns a smart phone must have already installed a YouTube app there.

You can get lots of interesting information related to the keto diet. Whether it’s a diet program, success stories, food recipes, motivation, scientific explanations, and more.

All of that you can get for FREE.

  1. Reddit


If you want to get a place to discuss or find answers for your problems related to Keto. Reddit is the right place. There are several sub categories that you can choose based on your interests. That’s interesting, isn’t it!

Google Play | App Store

  1. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal


Do you still remember what breakfast you took this morning? Yesterday? Or last week? Then how many calories do you eat for today?

This application will greatly help you record the food you eat along with its calories. Of course, this is very useful for calculating macronutrients (macros) related to the diet you’re on.

Google Play | App Store

  1. Carb Manager – Keto & Low Carb Diet Tracker



If you need an application specifically for the ketogenic diet, this is one of the best choices out there. You can scan barcode from a food wrapper to find out the amount of carbohydrates, see a collection of recipes, have a meal planner, etc.

Google Play | App Store

  1. Lifesum – Diet Plan, Macro Calculator & Food Diary



This application is not inferior to the others. Simple but attractive. With this application you can find out and track your diet macros, set goals, get delicious keto recipes, make meal plans, etc.

Google Play | App Store

A 28-day keto diet challenge

Still need more detailed information to help you lose weight with the keto / ketogenic diet.

A 28-day keto diet challenge is probably the answer you are looking for.


What is that?

It is a professionally designed ebooks to help you get results from keto diet in 28 days.

This package consists of several ebooks, including:

  1. Basic keto diet guide
  2. Delicious recipes that match ketogenic diet
  3. Detailed explanation of macronutrients
  4. Ways to treat keto flu naturally
  5. etc.

All of that you will get in one great deals, which is a pity if you miss it.

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