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Top Choices of Dumbbell Exercises

dumbbell-exercisesIf you want to perform some dumbbell exercises in your home, then get good dumbbells is the first thing that you must to do. Indeed, dumbbells are great equipment that will help you burn calories, build more muscles and develop a good shape and stronger body.

With a complete dumbbell exercises in gyms or your home, you can train both of your lower body and upper body muscles, melt fats away and get stronger. It is versatile equipment that enables you to use it many exercises like the arm curls or abdominal workouts and easy equipment that anyone can use.

Some of dumbbell exercises that may be useful for you.

For the upper body, especially the arms and shoulders, you can perform some dumbbell curl where you need to have 2 dumbbells on both of your side with your arm straight and the palms facing in. You start it by bending your elbow, and then raise the dumbbell until your arm facing your shoulder and the forearm pointing upward. The dumbbell is one of the best exercises focused to build your biceps, shoulders and upper arms.

Now for the chest, you can do it by dumbbell chest press. The first step is lying on bench with grasping dumbbells with your palms facing out. Then bend your elbow and lowering your arms to below your chest after that raise up both of dumbbells to the air until your arms in straight position.  You can repeat this for 1 to 3 sets of 7 to 15 repetitions. Keep in mind to perform this workout slowly to keep your abdominal muscle contracted and protect your back during the workouts. You also can make a variation of this workout, for example you can change the bench with a core ball or just raise the dumbbells alternately.

Dumbbell squats are known as the best dumbbell exercises that work on your leg muscles. You can begin it by standing with your feet apart on shoulder width apart and then bend your knees down and grip the dumbbells on the floor. It is important to keep your thighs are parallel to the floor and your knees are in line with the toes. And then you can stand straight up and go back to squat position again to repeat the workout.

Note: You have to keep focus on your workouts to prevent injuries and accident, and make sure to use appropriate weight of dumbbells for your dumbbell exercises routines.


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