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Does Hot Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

hot yoga classI believe that this is a question that often appears in your mind. Beside you there are still many people who interested in doing yoga because they want to lose weight, but they still doubted its efficacy. But before I answer your question, I will explain a little bit about this hot yoga or normally also known as the bikram yoga to you.

What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient exercise method from India, where we will perform a variety of stretching movements known as Asana. Some Asanas are often seen painful for me, so I would prefer not to. 🙂 In Hindu philosophy yoga means unity of body, soul and mind. So, indirectly you also will feel the peace and harmony while doing exercises.

Then what is hot yoga?

Hot Yoga was created by a yoga expert named Bikram Choudhury. That is the reason why hot yoga also known as the Bikram yoga. As the name, the exercise is done in a hot room temperature about 95 – 100 Fahrenheit. Quite hot!

An example of bikram / hot yoga.

Ok it seems promising, but will it be managed to lose my weight

My answer is yes and no.

No. When doing these exercises, you will be a lot of sweat and your body will be a shortage of water. The good impact is your body weight will drop some pounds after the workout is done, but unfortunately once you drink water, your weight will return to normal.

Yes. In doing exercise in a hot room, you can easily burn your body fat. As we know that the fat will melt if it gets hot. But not all your body fat can be melted instantly, so you need to exercise regularly in order to all your body fat can be removed completely.

In addition there are several other benefits of hot yoga that you can get, include:

1. Increasing the body’s metabolism.

Warmer temperatures may help improve blood circulation in our body. The advantage is that the body can deliver nutrients to all body tissues smoothly, save what is needed and dispose the rest. Surely this is not only related to weight problems, but also about the health of our body in performing our daily activities.

2. Remove toxins from the body.

When we exercise, our body without us realizing it had dumped toxic substances from our body through sweat. So the more often you do hot yoga, your body will feel fresh and getting better day by day.

3. Improve body strength.

Like other yoga exercises, hot yoga is also beneficial in improving muscle strength, bone, posture and overall body. Warmer temperatures also increase levels of adrenaline in the body, so you can do the exercise for a longer time. Simply information to you. Do not forget to drink water before and after the exercise. It will help prevent dehydration.

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