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Does Green Tea Help You Lose Weight Fast?

green-teaGreen tea is a popular beverage from Asia with some usefulness, like enhance the beauty, health and for lose weight, however there are still many people doubting and questioning the truth. According to some health articles I read before mentioned that green tea can help you lose weight, but you still have to exercise and diet. Why is that? It was explained that green tea does not directly reduce your weight, but it just help improve the process of weight loss.


Several benefits of drinking a cup of green tea to help you lose weight, including:

1. A low-calorie beverage

Green tea is a beverage that is low in calories, so you will not be overweight due to over drinking it.

2. Increasing the metabolism rate

This drink is very efficacious in increasing the body’s metabolic rate with no side effects. The process of metabolism plays an important role in burning calories in our body, so that drinking green tea means you helped keep the calorie-burning process went smoothly.

3. A natural blood stabilizer

The more sugar you consume, the higher the glucose levels in your body and the more insulin will be produced by the body to control it. Apparently the insulin is closely related to body weight, where the excess insulin then stored in your abdomen and can lead to pot belly in one day. So far, one of the natural and the safety ways to control blood sugar levels is by drinking green tea regularly.

4. It contains antioxidants

Most foods today contain toxins and will become a disease in your body on one day without you realizing it. Drinking green tea can help you remove the toxins from your body without any harmful effects. In addition to free your body from any toxin, you also will feel more energized than before.

So what is the answer?

YES, it can help you to lose weight, BUT it doesn’t mean you can forget about your healthy diet and regular exercises. You still need them but it will works smoothly with drink some cup of green tea every day.

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