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Coconut Oil Weight Loss Tips & Guide

coconut-oil-benefitsCoconut oil is obtained from the processing of coconut meat. It has many benefits for beauty, health and as a food ingredient. It is also very resistant to heat makes it suitable for cooking and can be stored in a long time up to 2 years. Nevertheless, some of the World Health Organization have recommended not consuming too much oil because it has high levels of saturated fat.

The Coconut Oil Production Process

Wet Process

This process uses fresh coconut meat which then crushed to obtain coconut milk. The liquid then separated from the oil contained in it by using boiling, centrifuge, and several other methods.

Advantage: Oil produced is more hygienic and faster.

Disadvantage:Requires a high cost and effort in the processing.

Dry Process

This process requires the coconut meat extracted from the shell and then dried using the sun or fire to obtain copra. The copra then pressed to produce oil.


  • It cost less
  • Does not require too much equipment.


  • The possibility of coconut meat contaminated by bacteria, insects, dust and rodents is very high during the drying process and storage
  • Require a wide area for sunning the coconut meat

How Coconut oil weight loss works?

Coconut oil contains a type of fat known as MCTs or medium-chain triglycerides. The presence of oil is very useful in increasing the rate of metabolism in the body or simply MCTS helps the body burn more calories than usual. But you also have to consider what type of oil that you will use. Make sure that the oil you buy is made without using chemical substance.


  1. You can start using coconut oil as a replacement for your current cooking oil. But try to use it in small amounts because of the flavor and aroma of the oil may be slightly different. However, the usefulness is still the same in cooking.
  2. You can also drink it like syrup, but with a dose of one tablespoon per day.

Other benefits of coconut oil:

In some media explained that coconut oil also has several other benefits besides weight loss, such as:

  • Hair loss
  • Dry skin
  • Insomnia
  • Low body temperature
  • Cold hands and feet
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