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Can You Lose Weight with Weight Training Program

can you lose weight with weight training programThat question often haunts the mind of every person in the world of fitness. Lifting weights is very helpful in shaping and toning the body; it helps the body burn calories, although not as much as if you are doing aerobic exercise. Then the question is whether it is effective for weight loss.

How the weight training works

Lifting weights does not work directly reduce your weight, but increase the body’s rate of metabolism. With the increase, the body can burn calories properly. In addition, each pound of muscle is able to burn up to 20 calories per day automatically. By increasing the amount of muscle mass through weight training will help your weight loss program. You will also get other benefits, such as increased bone strength and endurance levels.

There are a few things you should consider, include:

  1. Do not forget about warm up before exercise
  2. Keep your balance to prevent injury during exercising
  3. The weights must be lifted and lowered slowly without holding your breath
  4. Perform a variety of rep ranges to target different muscle groups
  5. Do not train the same body part continuously
  6. Take a break for a few days to recover the body
  7. Change the rhythm of your workout on a regular basis
  8. Try to keep increasing the number of sets and reps when your body starts to get used to it

Therefore, what should I do next?

It is recommended to do weight training at least three times a week; you also have to pay attention to the nutritional balance in your diet. Coupled with some cardio exercises will help you to get a muscular body shape much faster and efficiently.

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