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Calories Burned in Bikram Yoga

calories burned in bikram yogaBikram yoga is one of the variations of yoga, developed by Bikram Choudhury, a great Indian yoga teacher. Bikram yoga is quite different compared to the others, because the exercises performed in a heated room with temperatures around 40 °C. Due to exercise in a heated room for a long time (90 minutes), making Bikram yoga as one of the very effective exercises to lose weight and burn fat.

Based on data we obtained from everydayhealth.com, a person with a weight of 70 kg can burn calories 1050 calories for 1 session (90 minutes). This number is equivalent to running at speeds of 6 mph for 90 minutes. And for those with weight around 110-120 kg can burn even more calories around 1650-1800 calories. This is a fantastic amount of burned calories, especially for those who really want to lose weight in a short time.

For simplicity, you can see the image below:

calories burned in bikram yoga charts
calories burned in bikram yoga charts

This image shows a comparison of weight, length of sessions and the number of calories burned. The heavier your weight, and the longer you exercise, makes the more calories you burned. However, in this case I am just gathering the information and show it in a graphical form, making it easier to understand. I’m not going to prove the truth, because I still need more data and certainly the numbers could be vary for every one, because it still can be affected by several factors, such as age, gender and temperature.

However, one thing that I can conclude that is Bikram yoga is able to burn large amounts of calories just in 1 session (90 minutes), although in fact your number may not be exactly same to values on the graphics.

Potential Dangers of Bikram Yoga

Being in a heated room, it may help you to sweat, releasing considerable amounts of calories and greatly help you burn fats. However, being too long in a heated room can also bring some bad effects to your health, including:

1. Dehydration

Of course, sweating in a long time will lead to lack of body fluids in large amounts. This causes your body becomes dehydrated

2. Feeling dizzy

Being in a hated room that feels too hot for your body, can also lead you becomes exhausted and feel dizzy because of it.

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