Finding The Best Bowflex Treadclimber

Bowflex-TreadClimberDo you want to burn great amount of calories in short time? If your answer is YES then you will need a Bowflex Treadclimber in your home. This cool machine is owns by Nautilus. Nautilus also owns Schwinn bikes.

Bowflex treadclimber is probably the greatest fitness equipment, combining a treadmill, a stair climber and an elliptical into single simple machine. This machine help you do full body and cardio exercises, strengthen your heart and lungs, normalize your blood circulation, and lose weight while spending less time exercising.

Another great thing about this machine is you can do 3 different workouts for the cost of one item instead of buying a treadmill, a step climber and an elliptical all separately. This helps you from spending a lot of money and allotting too much room.

This machine perhaps seems like a treadmill. But it has two separate foot areas where you can step on, which lets you make two movements simultaneously, climbing and walking. Or you just walk on the bowflex treadclimber like a regular treadmill. Having a machine that does 3 different types of workouts all in one, you may easily keep yourself motivated to work out by switching from one form to another.

Bowflex treadclimber is mostly effective because of a many features that increase an individual’s motivation. For example the Bowflex Treadclimber TC5000 has 12 levels of intensity that you can adjust. This treadclimber  also is included with a G.O. Coach. It is a target oriented coach which will help you set your fitness objectives, track your development and help you achieve your weight loss goals. This particular feature makes it the most preferred fitness equipment around.

You can even check your development and motivate yourself with the Bowflex TreadClimber TC5000’s integrated electronic features. Its LED screen displays your speed, height of climb, distance, time, sum steps, calories per minute, total calories burned, and heart rate.

Beside TC 5000 Bowflex also have TC1000, TC3000, and the TC6000. But recently Nautilus adds 3 new models and discontinued the older version. The 3 new models of this machine on the market are TC5, TC10 and the TC20.

bowflex treadclimber tc20The Bowflex TC5 Treadclimber is the cheapest Treadclimber (price around $ 999) with slim and newest design. TC5 have “Step N Go Green” technology built-in that mean it don’t have a motor inside. The warranty for this model is 1 year.

The Bowflex TC10 Treadclimber is a motorized version of this machine. This model designed for burn more calories with 4 display screens where you can easily see and monitor your time, speed, distance, and calories burned.  Bowflex TC 10 Treadclimber use G.O.Coach technology where you are enable to set your workout goal. The warranty for this model is 2 years

The Bowflex TC20 Treadclimber is the most expensive and the best cardio machine from Bowlex.  It has workout programs built-in (5 standard and 3 challenge workout programs), integrated heart rate monitor, extra-long tread belts and G.O.Coach technology. The warranty for this model is 3 years.

Conclusion Bowflex Treadclimber is a great machine for burn calories, and gets loss weight, so you must try it in your home.


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