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Bosu Ball Stability Ball Exercises

bosu ballThe Bosu ball is looks similar to an exercise ball but sliced in half with a built-in platform at the bottom. It can be used in a variety workout routine, you can work on your stability, balance, strength and endurance. With its flat platform at the bottom and the soft rubbery dome on the other side allow you to perform some of stability ball exercises like push-ups and squat on Bosu. You can use the flat platform to train your upper body, while the dome side up for lower body strength, core and cardio workouts.

Some of the Bosu exercises that you can do for your workout routine including;

  1. Core training. You can use the Bosu ball to train your lower back and abdominal muscles to target your core muscle.
  2. Sports conditioning. You can utilize it in performing short drills like jumping
  3. Flexibility. You can kneel or stand on the ball while performing workouts
  4. Strength training. Do some workouts such as push-ups, dead lifts, lunges and squats effectively with the ball. You also allowed using weights for additional challenge or a variation of workouts.
  5. Cardio workout. Another benefit of the stability ball exercises is as a cardio workout.  With it you can do cardio workouts such as lunges, step-ups, jumps, and hops.

What are the benefits of the Bosu ball?

The ball has an unstable surface; makes you hard standing on it and need to keep the balance. So performing stability ball exercises regularly will give you some of advantages values such as

  1. Improve your balance. The ball is unstable so that you need constantly keep your lower and upper body in upright position.
  2. Increase kinesthetic awareness. This term related to the awareness of how your body is positioned at any time. The balance trainer is useful to keep you in tune when you move and improve your kinesthetic awarenes

The Bosu Ball Features:

  • Measures 55 cm in diameter
  • Includes exercise manual, foot pump and workout DVD
  • Tone, trims and strengthens while improve coordination and balance
  • Supports crunches, shoulder raises, bicep curls, squats and more
  • Balance ball trainer for coordinating and strengthening core muscles

[amazonproducts asin=”B00012PDMW”]Includes exercise manual, foot pump and workout DVD

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