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Tbody mediahe BodyMedia LINK Armband is a small on-body monitoring device that provide near real time data about your fitness level like calories burned and quality of sleep. The weight loss calculator is also equipped with Bluetooth technology which allows you to transfer data directly to your mobile devices.  It accurately tracks your physical activity levels, steps taken, calories burned and even the quality of sleep. Accuracy of the machine is almost 90% because placed on your body, and make it provide the best information you need to meet your fitness goals and improve your weight loss.

Personal Activity Information at Your Fingertips

This weight loss calculator is powered by Bluetooth technology makes information immediately available on your smartphone screen. You can view your real-time calorie balance, calorie output versus input and caloric burn data using BodyMedia’s food logging app. You also allowed to create personalized workouts depend on your steps targets, activity and calories. And with using the online Activity Manager you can monitor your progress, set goals and analyze your raw data.

Accurate Monitoring Day and Night

The BodyMedia armband is equipped with multi-sensor technology that measures your activity with an accuracy rate greater than 90%. Its four sensors capture more than 5,000 data points per minute, monitoring the quality and duration of your sleep and track calories burned during your daily activities.

Track Your Personal Calorie Balance

There are three key points for weigh loss; sleep efficiency, calories consumed and calories burned. The calories burned and intake for everyone is slightly different and you need to know your own amount calories and adjust with these key points to make a better personal fitness plan. By using BodyMedia FIT Armband you will get detailed information about these key points with 90% accuracy and help you decide what to do.

Proven Weight Loss System

Weight loss can fail not because the lack of willpower but because the lack of the right information. BodyMedia weight loss calculator delivers accurate information to help you lead a healthier life and lose weight.

Compatibility Information

The device is compatible with mobile apps include the Sanyo ZIO, Samsung Transform, Samsung Intercept, Motorola Droid (original, 2 and X), LG Optimus S, iPod Touch(3rd and 4th generation), iPhone(4 and 3GS), iPad and iPad 2. Best when used with iOS 4.3 or later. Android 2.0 or higher should work, but have not all been tested.

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