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BMI calculator vs. Body Fat Calculator

bmi calculatorIf you’re trying to lose weight, there are 2 ways that you can choose to measure the progress: body mass index (BMI) calculator and body fat calculator. Both are quite popular method in tracking your fitness progress, but there are differences between the two. Therefore you need a good understanding about them to obtain the best results for you.

What is body mass index (BMI) calculator?

BMI is a number that is used to determine whether your weight is ideal not. The value obtained is influenced by your height and weight. In short, if you have a body weight that is too heavy for the size of your height, then you can be assumed to have obesity.

In order to do the calculation, you can follow the following formula:

bmi formula

or you can use this BMI calculator for simplicity

[calc id=1489]

then you can compare the results with this table to determine the category of your body.

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Besides BMI values ​​can be used to determine a person’s health risk

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Positive values:

  1. The easiest and cheapest way to determine the level of obesity and health risks
  2. The measurement can be done easily
  3. Does not require sophisticated equipment

Negative value:

It does not take into account the percentage of muscle in the body weight, so the results might be mistaken for those who have a lot of muscle, such as athletes and bodybuilders.

What is body fat calculator?

Body fat calculator is a method used to measure the percentage of fat in the body. Many people believe that this method is a good indicator of your success in weight loss programs than the number on the scale. One of the reasons is that the body fat calculator considering the sex (men and women have different body fat percentage) in the measurement so that the results are more accurate.

For the comparison can be seen in the following table.

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However, there are many ways that can be used to measure body fat percentage in addition to using the calculator, such as:

1. Skin caliperstips-to-lose-weight

Skin calipers is a tool that pinches your skin lightly in three different areas of the body. For women, it includes the thigh, hip and triceps, while in men, the thigh, abdomen, and chest are measured. From these results, the percentage of body fat can be estimated.

2. Underwater weighing

In the measurement process, a patient will be submerged into a water tank. The amount of displaced water is measured and from the number, the body fat percentage can be obtained. Maybe you need to know that the test can only be done at certain places, such as laboratory or hospital. Of course the costs are quite expensive, but the results are believed to be very accurate.

3. BodPod

This egg-shaped pod works similar to the “underwater weighing” but uses air instead of water. A patient must enter in to perform the measurement

You can also use this body fat calculator to obtain a brief overview of your body fat.

[calc id=1528]

Positive values:

  1. The measurement results are more accurate in describing your body
  2. There are many available methods that can be selected
  3. Works for all fitness levels

Negative values:

  1. Costs more for more accurate results
  2. Can only be found in certain places, such as hospitals and laboratories
  3. Requires expertise in the measurement
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