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Choosing The Best of Bikes Direct is Simple

bikes directThere are various kinds of bicycles are available from bikes direct these days. The very first thing you have to consider is how you intend to use the bicycle. There are five main types of bikes:

Road Bike
It is created of lightweight materials. It has narrow tires that are filled with so much air, they’re nearly rock solid. This bicycle also have curved handle bars, those give you multiple options for hand positioning. This bicycles are suitable for fitness riding, but they aren’t suitable for off-road riding.

Mountain Bike
It is available in two styles: hardtail and full-suspension. Hardtail mountain bikes have only a front suspension fork. Full-suspension mountain bikes also have a front suspension fork plus a back suspension system. Mountain bikes tires are wider and thicker than a road bike. They provide for better grip and stability on all kinds of land surfaces. Mountain bikes are ideal for riding cross jungle, dirt roads, and mountain trails.

Hybrid Bike
It provides the effectiveness of a road bike and the comfortable riding position of a mountain bike. But it’s a little bit heavier than the road bike. The tires are almost as narrow as the road bike but a little thicker to provide for a rather more comfortable ride.

Comfort Bike
It is created for comfort and to take you anywhere you desire to go. The suspensions are designed to absorb shock, plus aided by the foam saddle seat, you will have a bike that is the most comfortable to ride.

This bicycle can be used for mountain riding. It may not have as much traction as a mountain bike, but with gears, they can handle nearly every mountain trails. And if you go through long distances you will not get tired because of the ride is going to be so much smoother than you go by a road bike.

Cruiser bike
Cruiser bike, or beach bike, generally is a single geared bike with curvy handle bars which provides you the sense of “cruising” along. It is suited for flat surfaces. This bicycle is suitable for going on errands at the shop, riding to the beach, and just for fun.

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