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Best Protein Powder for Women

protein-powder-for-womenWhat is the Best Protein Powder for Women?

In general, women are looking for a protein powder with little or almost no fat and carbohydrates content in it. In short, they want a low-calorie beverage to acquire or maintain their slender body shape.

For the choices of protein powder, we have vegan, eggs, soy, casein, and whey protein powders.

If you ask me which of them is best, then I will answer that they all are good for you, because protein basically working for the formation of the body cells, such as in muscles, nails, hair and skin tissues. The only thing that you need is to adjust it to your taste and goals

Protein Powders for Weight Loss

If you have a plan to lose weight, then you at least have to add protein powder into your diet. Why? That is because there are 2 important things you will get from adding protein powder, namely:

1. You will be more powerful

In addition to carbohydrates and fats, protein is also a source of energy for the body. So consuming protein shakes before exercise will give more power to your workout. In addition, you will feel full for longer, so that your diet will have a greater potential for success.

2. Protein helps repair body tissue after exercise

After you have done a hard workout to burn a ton of calories and toning muscles of the body, without you even knowing that some of the tissues in your body are damaged as a result of your workout. Thus consume a protein drink will greatly assist the body in repairing this damage, in short you will not feel tired or sore for a long time.

What Kind of Protein Powder is good for Weight Loss?

As mentioned earlier that there are several types of protein powder to choose from, among other things: vegan, eggs, soy, casein, and whey protein powders.

1. Vegan

There are several sources of vegan proteins, such as pea, hemp and rice. Third is a good source for the body, although it may not as popular as other sources.

2. Soy

Soybeans are a very good source of protein for the body. In some countries in the Asia region, like Indonesia you can find soy milk. It is very similar to cow’s milk, with the difference in taste and nutritional content. Although they both are rich in protein content.

Soy protein can be used as an alternative source for those who have an allergy to cow’s milk proteins. In addition, soy protein reported to have efficacy in reducing the risk of breast cancer and heart disease.

3. Eggs

Eggs are another food that is rich in protein content, despite the fact that only the egg white contains protein, while the yolk is rich in fat. I just know that at this time the egg protein has been available in the form of powder, so of course this will greatly assist us in providing food / beverages that are rich in protein. But I myself still prefer to get eggs in a fresh condition for further processing.

4. Casein

Casein sometimes also referred to as milk protein. Casein is a protein that is quite slow digested by the body, so that it will make you feel full for a longer time. Generally casein consumed before going to bed or before a workout.

5. Whey

Among all sources of protein, whey is the most popular and most widely consumed by people. Compared to casein, whey is quickly digested by the body, so that you will feel the difference in your body faster after taking it. Consequently you will feel hungry faster. In addition, whey can also be consumed at any time, although it is generally consumed after the workout is completed.

Choosing Best Protein Powder for Women

Which are the best for women. To be honest, all of them are good and you just need to adapt them to your situation.

Whey and casein are excellent sources, but generally it is more expensive and of course it can adversely impact your finances. The both have been standardized so generally you just follow the rules of use listed on the bottle / box.

Sources of protein such as eggs, soy and vegans tend to be cheaper to buy, but it tend to be more troublesome and do not have a clear dose. In addition, for those of you who have an allergy to cow’s milk protein, then eggs can be used as an alternative option.

However, you can take all of them. For example, for breakfast you choose soy beans and eggs as your menu. Then you consume whey or casein as a complement.

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