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Best Exercise to Lose Weight for Women

women-trying-to-lose-weightMost women hate to know that their weight has increased. No wonder if they are willing to do anything to restore their ideal weight. Maybe you are also among them. One of the best ways you can do to lose weight is exercise. Yes, regular physical exercise is the best way to burn excess body fat and toning your muscles.

The reasons why we need to do exercises to lose weight:

1. Exercise controls calories.

In order to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you have consumed. Regular exercise is very beneficial to burn calories from the body, especially those derived from fat deposits in your stomach.

2. Boosts metabolism.

Exercise also plays a role in increasing the rate of metabolism in the body. That means your body will be able to burn calories more effectively, even when you are resting.

3. Better control over appetite.

Exercise is also bring positive influences to us, such as: it is easier for us to feel happy, excited to do almost anything and suppress excessive appetite. Thus, making exercise as a good method for those who are upset or stress to avoid overeating.

4. Creating a healthy lifestyle.

Those who exercise often have a stronger tendency to have a healthy lifestyle, like love to eat fruits and vegetables and drinking more water instead of soda.

However, not all women like to go to a gym. They generally avoid exercises that rely too much on muscle strength and love of exercises that does not burden the body, like aerobics or dancing. Among so many type of exercises that suitable for women, here are some exercises that can help burn your body fat quickly and restore your ideal body shape in a relatively short time.

women-walking1. Walking

Walking is the simplest exercise that I know so far. Nothing easier than that, and you just need a pair of shoes for your comfort. Regardless of its simplicity, walking is a must for everyone to maintain their health. It is advisable to walking minimum 2,000 steps in one day. I think it’s not too tiring to walking that far.

The following are the health benefits of walking:

1. Help you lose weight.

Walking is one of the most common exercises performed by those who are trying to lose weight. The faster and farther you walking, the more calories you can burn from your body.

2. Strengthen the heart muscle.

Walking every day will increase the strength of your heart muscle, so the blood flow in your body can run smoothly and avoid heart diseases.

3. Prevent osteoporosis.

In addition to drink milk regularly, we also need to keep walking every day. Walking helps the absorption of calcium into the bones, so we can avoid health problems, like osteoporosis.

4. Tone the leg muscles.

As a woman, of course you want own slim legs. Walking is a fun exercise that help tone your leg muscles, so a pair of beautiful legs no longer just a dream for you.

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women-swimming2. Swimming

Swimming is a fun way to lose weight, especially for those who love being in the water. Besides useful as a way to keep in shape, swimming can also be used as a means of recreation with friends or family, as well as to get rid of boredom, especially during the summer. Some of the health benefits of swimming you need to know, including:

1. Low impact to the body.

Being in the water will provide many benefits for you. Swim provide little impact to our body, so we do not easily become tired and just need a little time for recovery.

2. Toning the muscles.

When swimming we will move almost all the muscles, starting from the legs, arms, neck, and back. So swimming regularly has a great potential to make your body become stronger.

3. Maintain a healthy heart and lungs.

Swimming can improve our body endurance, especially breathing. Of course, in order to be good at swimming, first we must master the breathing technique while swimming. Thus, unconsciously swim will make the heart and lungs muscles become stronger.

4. Relieve stress.

Swim in the pool, beach, lake or river is fun, especially if we are joined by our relatives or family members. In addition to the body become stronger, our mind will be more peaceful, and free from stress.

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women-cycling3. Cycling.

Who would not like cycling? I’m sure everyone would love it, especially those who love speed and breeze. I love cycling since my childhood. It was a wonderful memory. Even now, I still love cycling, and often do it to keep in good shape.

Cycling is a fun way to burn calories. The cool breeze and beautiful scenery are a few things that make a lot of people love cycling. Of course, cycling is fun to do. However, besides the fun, cycling also has many health benefits for us, including:

1. Make you sleep well

Cycling is one of the exercises recommended by health experts for those who suffer from insomnia / trouble falling asleep. Cycling not only helps the heart to pump blood throughout the body, especially to the brain, but it also helps calm the mind. So during the night, you can go to sleep more easily.

2. Increase the strength and muscle mass.

Cycling requires us to continue pedaling saddle and hold the handle firmly. Maybe it sounds very easy to do, until you get an uphill route and force you to pedal stronger. This sort of thing is something that unconsciously make your arm and thigh muscles stronger.

3. Maintain a healthy heart.

The heart is one of the most important organs in the human body. Cycling is the fun way to ensure the health of your heart and avoid some serious health problems, such as: stroke or heart attack.

4. Relieve stress.

For those of you who hate to sweat, then cycling is one way to stay in shape without having bathed in sweat. The cool breeze when you pedaled will help eliminate the sweat. In addition, you also can enjoy the view of surrounding environment where you live.

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women-running4. Running

Running is the best exercise to lose weight for women, in my opinion.

The reasons:

  1. It can be done by anyone.
  2. You just need a pair of comfortable shoes.
  3. You only need a short time to start sweating
  4. Works for nearly all parts of the body, so for those who rarely exercising, perhaps your whole body will be sore on the next day.

However, it does not mean you have to run hard to lose weight. Since, running can be divided into two groups, namely:

1. Running at high speed (sprinting)

Sprinting is running at high speed, but for a short distance and more focused to increase stamina.

2. Running at slow speed (jogging)

Jogging is running at slow to moderate speeds with varying distances. Generally people love to do jogging in the morning, because it’s more fun. I myself prefer jogging than sprinting.

Some of the health benefits of running, include:

1. Burn calories faster.

Compared to the previous exercises, running allows you to burn more calories from the body. So, it is no wonder why most people who are trying to lose weight often add running into their weight loss program. Or maybe that is the reason why we will always find treadmills at various renowned fitness center.

2. Improve the respiratory system.

Running and breathing are two things that can not be separated. Just like swimming, in order to be able to run longer, you should be able to control your breathing technique. The advantage is that the muscles of your lungs will become stronger and able to store more oxygen than before.

3. Improve your mood.

Running is not only good for your physical health, but also for your mental. Running is able to stimulate the brain to secrete hormones that improve our mood. So with regular running, you can avoid some emotional problems, like depression and become more happy.

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