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Benefits of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

organic virgin coconut oilCoconut oil is a high quality product which is obtained from the processing of mature coconut meat. It has been known to provide many advantages in human life, such as for medicine, food, beauty, and as a raw material for the production of daily goods. One of the privileges of coconut oil compared to other oils, that it can be stored is a very long time about two years without changing its quality.

What is Extra Virgin or Virgin Coconut Oil?

Maybe you’ve heard a term of the VCO or Virgin Coconut Oil in your busy life. It is a high-quality coconut oil which is intended for consumption, although it is also used for beauty. This type of coconut oil generally made using mature coconut, so it contains high levels of lauric acid. That’s what makes some people worried, if it can affect their heart health. However in some studies explained that lauric acid is a medium chain fatty acid, which proved to have efficacy as an antiprotozoal, antibacterial, and anti-viral. In addition, it also increases levels of good cholesterol and lower the total cholesterol in the body.

Virgin Coconut Oil Properties

There are several characteristics that can only be found on high-quality coconut oil, including:

  1. The smell and taste like coconut
  2. Will melt in the palm of your hand
  3. White if frozen, and almost colorless at a temperature of about 30 ° C or above
  4. Not using dyes, and additional chemicals

So, Is Virgin Coconut Oil Good for You?

Of course, it will be good for you. The coconut oil contains many important nutrients for the body, such as: vitamins E and K, lauric acid, iron, etc. In addition, this oil also provides many benefits for your health and beauty. For more information about it, please refer to the article below.

Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

There are many benefits to be gained from taking virgin coconut oil, some of them, including:

1. Improves skin health

Apply coconut oil on your skin will provide additional protection against bacteria and accelerate healing of damaged skin tissue, like burns.

2. Boost the immune system

Consume this oil can boost the immune system against various diseases, thanks to its lauric acid content.

3. Helps lose weight

Consume this oil will make you feel fuller for longer and increase the body’s ability to burn more calories. Of course, it would be very helpful in your weight loss program or just shrink a few inches from your waist. In order to obtain faster and more accurate results, it is recommended that you also need to control the amount of calories from your meals and along with exercise regularly.

4. Improve and maintain the health of your hair.

The nutritional content in coconut oil is great for your hair. It helps soften, blacken and nourish your hair. So if you have problems with your hair like dry hair, then you can try a treatment with the VCO.

5. Lowering the risk of heart attack

In some debate, the saturated fat content in the VCO explained to have efficacy in reducing the risk of heart attack. That’s because the oil is able to increase the amount of good cholesterol (HDL), and reduces the total amount of cholesterol in the body.

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