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Benefits of Egg White Protein Powder

egg-whites-protein-powderEggs are a very common food consumed by anyone, besides the price is not too expensive, eggs also contain a variety of nutrients and vitamins that are essential for health. However, egg yolks are rich in cholesterol so it is not good for our health if it is consumed in large quantities for weeks. It will be different for the egg white, because it does not contain cholesterol, so that the egg white is safer for consumption in a long time. Egg whites are rich in protein, so it often consumed by those who are trying to build muscle.

Here is the nutrition fact of a boiled egg.


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Is Eating Egg Whites Good For You?

As I have mentioned earlier that consuming egg white is very good for our health. That’s because the egg whites are rich in protein and essential minerals, such as: selenium and potassium. The egg whites also are low in fat and cholesterol. If you have an allergy to cow’s milk protein, egg white may be suitable for you as a replacement.

The only drawback in my opinion is the taste. It’s almost tasteless so it is less favored by some people, especially children. One of the easiest way to handle it is by mixing egg whites with green vegetables and meat, then add some spices, such as pepper and onion.

Why We Must Choose Egg White Protein Powder

One of the easiest ways to getting egg whites every day, without having to get rid of the yolk is by getting egg white protein powder. It will greatly save your time and the nutrient content has been adjusted to the daily needs.


Casein and whey protein are both dairy-based, so they are not suitable for those who are allergic to milk. Egg white protein powders are lactose-free, so they work very well as a replacement.

Moderate Digestion Speed

Whey protein is rapidly absorbed by the body, but it will make you feel hungry quickly. Casein is a protein that is slowly absorbed by the body, thus making you feel full for a long time. Egg white protein powder are somewhere between the two.

Best Egg White Protein Powder Review

From many brands that lie in store, I will offer two best egg white protein powders to you.

1. Jay Robb Egg White Protein Powder

Jay Robb is one of the renowned manufacturers of egg protein powder, because the taste and its high quality products. Eggs that will be used as raw material obtained from chickens treated with a natural way, without the use of growth hormone. One of the things that appealed to me from the Jay Robb is they are now selling re-sealable bags for all of their products as support for Go Green. The Jay Robb egg protein comes in 3 different flavors; chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

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2. NOW Foods Eggwhite Protein

This product offers a high-quality protein to meet your daily needs without carbohydrates or fats, and rate well on the PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score), the newest and most accurate measurement of a protein’s quality.

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