Banana Nutrition Facts and Benefits

banana-nutrition-factsBanana is one of the easiest fruits to be found in various shopping places, especially in tropical countries. Maybe you do not really like bananas, because you think that it is only suitable for monkeys. But did you know that bananas have many essential nutrients that important for your health, especially the price is not as expensive as apples, grapes, and other super-fruits.

Why are Bananas Good for You?

Here are 12 goodness of bananas that should be reasons for us to be routinely eat bananas. Trust me, you will not see a banana in the same way again after reading the following list:

  1. Two bananas provide enough energy for you to start your activity.
  2. Helps boost the immune system.
  3. Bananas can make the skin moister and repair the dry and dead skin cells.
  4. Bananas can stimulated production of melatonin (the sleep hormone) that keep us from insomnia.
  5. Amino acids in bananas can anticipate various types of allergies.
  6. Overcoming constipation because bananas have a high fiber content.
  7. Can lower blood pressure and protect against heart attacks.
  8. Help you lose weight.
  9. A banana rich in vitamin B-6, which can be great for the body to produce white blood cells, strengthens the nerves, protect against type II diabetes and reduce swelling
  10. For women, the consumption of banana can improve mood and reduce symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
  11. Avoid muscle cramps and leg during exercise.
  12. Bananas help overcome depression. The presence of tryptophan content in bananas help you to more easily feel happy.


Banana Nutrition Facts

Banana, raw

I cup, mashed (225 g)

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