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4 Weight Loss Programs for Men over 50

men-exerciseWeight loss programs for men over 50 should be done with easy and natural methods. Since you get older, your metabolism rate also slows down. Making you easily become fat, and tired after several workout. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is one of the important keys for you to lose weight and minimize your risk for serious health issues.

Here are some brief tips for men over 50 to lose weight.

1. Exercise Regularly

Get older does not mean you can stay in your warm bed longer. You still and need to make some sweat. Take your time by jogging, cycling or may be some walks on a treadmill. As we know that aerobic / cardio exercise is great for burn fat. However, do not push yourself too hard.

Strengthening the body is an important task for people over 50 to maintain balance reduces the risk for joint injury and minimize the risk of osteoporosis or bone density loss. Simple strength exercises, such as weight lifting, isometrics or yoga can be a good option for you to increase muscle mass. Our muscle mass decreases over lifetime, so certainly you need to counteract it with the exercise.

2. Healthy Diet

You also need to pay more attention to your foods. As you age, the body needs fewer calories. Generally, men should not consume more than 1,500 calories. Consume 3 cups of vegetables and 2 cup of fruit to provide more nutritional content, help maintain health and lose weight. It is recommended to avoid junk foods (fatty foods, alcoholic beverages, soda, cola, etc.), and pick up more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and non-fat dairy products.

active-old-men3. Boost Your Activity Level

You need at least 30 minutes of moderate activity, such as gardening, cycling or walking fast. You can also boost your calorie burning potential by performing more intense activities, such as jogging, running, playing basketball or badminton. Consult with your personal doctor to get some good advice or a recommendation before you start your exercise program or change your routine.

4. Say No to Junk Food

Men over 50 should be careful with their food. You need to limit your carbs consumption. When you were young, your body could burn it easily. However since you are aging and the metabolism rate slows down, then now excess carbs will be stored in your belly as fat.

Try to change your diet from read meat to white lean meat, such as fish and chicken. They are better for your health. Drink more water or green tea instead of soda or cola. Meet your nutritional needs from green leafy vegetables and fruits.

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