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4 Benefits of Protein Shakes after Working Out

protein-shakesThe primary function of protein is for regenerate and repair damaged cells, so it will serve well after you made some hard workout. People who use protein shakes commonly are bodybuilders, athletes, and those who want to lose weight and gain some muscles. There are some sources of protein shakes that available on markets, including soy, egg white, casein, whey and milk.

However not all of them are equal and there are a number of differences, such as the purity, taste, fat content, digestion rates and quality of essential amino acids. Whey protein always comes to the top of the list, because it has a very high quality protein with all the essential amino acids.

There are several other benefits of protein shakes after working out, including:

√ Weight Loss

I am pretty sure if it’s the main reason why many people willing to take pains to make and consume a protein shake after a workout. The drink proven able to reduce our daily calories intake but still provides some nutrients for the body. It’s recommend to make a balanced protein shake by adding fresh vegetables and fruits in order to achieve the best result.

√  Energy Source

Protein shakes also provide an energy source, because protein shakes also contain some level of carbs and fats. Therefore, the carbohydrates and fats that serve as the primary energy source will refuel and replace the energy that used during your workout.

√  Healing

After workout, you got your body felt so tired. It happened because latic acid builds up and some your skeletal muscle tissues are damaged. Drinking protein shakes will help your body to repair and regenerate your damaged muscles, because it’s rich in amino acids and other essential nutrients. Especially after you done some of weight and resistance exercises, these kinds of exercise will surely damage your muscles and can lead to a serious problem if it’s not handled properly. Supplies the essential nutrients will help facilitate the healing process and make your muscles grow stronger, larger and bigger than before.

√ Simple yet Powerful

After workout, you can drink your protein shakes to relieve your hunger immediately, so you still have plenty of time to go back to your office or home leisurely. For a simple homemade shake, you can simply add a scoop of protein powder into a glass of juice / water. Then you can add some slices of fruit for a better taste. The drink also only take approximately 30 minutes to reach the muscle after ingestion, compared to solid food that takes more time. So, we have more advantages by taking protein shake after working out.

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