• vertigo-medications

    Vertigo Medications that You Can Easily Buy by Yourself

    Vertigo medication will be very useful when you feel dizzy because of vertigo at unexpected times such as when you are on a trip. It will be a very annoying moment, right? Vertigo medications work faster and are more practical to carry anywhere. So you might prefer this treatment method. Of course, it’s easier to pocket a packet of medications than to bear the consequences. Especially if vertigo is your loyal customer. What I mean here is that you often get vertigo and it can last a long time. But if your vertigo only lasts a few seconds and it rarely happens to you, then it’s better for you to…

  • Vertigo helpful tips

    Vertigo Help Tips. 5 Useful Tips for Dealing with Vertigo

    In this good moment, allow me to share some of the vertigo self-help tips that I collected from several sources on the internet. As a sufferer of vertigo, you must have tried many things to deal with vertigo or dizziness that you often feel. One well-known method for treating vertigo is BPPV. It’s a kind of physical exercise to restore balance in your head. Relax! The movement is quite easy and you do it while lying in bed. The exercise will not make you suffer more. I guarantee it! If you don’t know about BPPV and want to know more about this healing method, you can get the full guide…

  • natural-remedies-for-vertigo

    Natural Remedies for Vertigo. A List that Will Change Your Condition

    Some natural remedies have powerful efficacy to eliminate vertigo and dizziness. Besides the cheap price, it also does not cause bad side effects. When I suffered from vertigo for the first time, I was so scared and panicked. I searched for information on the internet about the symptoms I was experiencing at that time. And what I fear most is the possibility of a tumor or cancer that causes dizziness. Talking about vertigo is often associated with head health problems. And of course it’s also closely related to expensive costs, such as for surgical operations. I think I understand what you are feeling right now. Regardless of the expensive operating…

  • vertigo attack

    Vertigo Treatment Exercises to Do at Home. Stop Panicking!

    Did you know that vertigo can be eliminated with a series of physical exercises which I named as Vertigo Treatment Exercises. You don’t need to worry, this exercise is easy and you do it alone in your home Without the help of an assistant Performed on your soft bed 5-10 minutes Vertigo Definition As you already know that vertigo is a sense of spinning, swinging lasting from a few seconds to hours. Even though you are perfectly still. For those of you who have just experienced it for the first time. It’s very scary, isn’t it? Of course, it can make you very panic. Especially for your unpreparedness about the…

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    Strength Training Equipment

    Rowing Machine – Feel the NEW Experience of Rowing in Your Home

    Do you like rowing? Of course. You will not click on the link if it is not for that reason. For some people rowing has become part of their lives. So that their activities are always related to rowing. Maybe you are one of these people. But what if you can’t row on a lake, as you usually do. Whether it’s for a while or forever. Of course it would be very unpleasant if it really happened. BUT, do you know if you can combine a rowing machine and virtual technology to get the experience of rowing in the wild inside your house. Your dream of rowing in various famous…

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    Fitness Watches for women and men. Sell for LESS THAN $30! NOW!

    Do you want to have a fitness watch? Good, that’s a right decision. WHY? There are several limitations that can be overcome through the use of this small device, among others: 1. Our ability to remember is limited. There is a health recommendation that requires us to make as many as 10,000 steps a day. I think none of us can really counts the number of footsteps we make. Do you know how many steps you have made today? Has it reached 10,000? By using a pedometer / fitness tracker this problem is solved. You don’t need to count the number of steps throughout the day, unless you want to…

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    Food and Drink

    Healthy Food Facts for Your Daily Life

    Most people today are very concerned about the cleanliness and quality of the food they eat. Given that the cost of treatment at a hospital can be very expensive. Healthy food will make you healthy, and vice versa. So your choice is very important for your health. There are so many tips on healthy foods that you can find on the internet. A small part of it is about the healthy foods facts that you can read below. Stay away from processed foods. There is an advice to avoid processed foods, such as processed meats, canned foods, pastries, etc. Most of them tend to be rich in preservatives, saturated fats,…

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    Motivation and Tips

    Healthy Eating Tips for Weight Loss

    You’ve done hard exercises every day, but you still can not manage to lose weight. That may happen because there are some mistakes with your daily diet. This sounds trivial, but people often ignore a healthy diet that can lead to failure to lose weight. Healthy lifestyle is not a difficult thing to do, but it requires continuous work to get good results. Here are some healthy eating tips to lose weight you can learn. I hope you will like it. Cook your own food at home. Cooking your own meals at home not only saves your monthly expenses, but it can also help you slim down quickly. Many foods…

  • trampoline-exercise-benefits

    Trampoline Exercise Benefits

    There are so many benefits of trampoline exercise We would agree if exercising is a sure way to maintain fitness and balance of body weight. However, not everyone can exercise regularly. Moreover, for those who are always busy with their daily work or those who are too lazy for it. Try to observe small children around you. You’ll probably find them jumping and running around all day long. Although looking tired, they are very happy to continue to do so. That would be a hard thing to keep them quiet 🙂 One of the methods you can do to re-feel the joyful sensation again is by jumping using a trampoline.…

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    HEPA Filters for Allergies

    Nowadays, you need to realize that the level of air pollution is getting worse. Not only outdoors, but air pollution can occur indoors. This may be surprising for most people, but for those who live in big cities. They already feel air pollution in the room, such as an increase in the amount of dust, black smoke, and bad odor. Of course, air pollution affects our health. Various diseases have been lurking us, ranging from common diseases like coughing, sneezing to chronic diseases like asthma, or lung cancer. Moreover, for those who have allergies to dirty air. Surely they suffer more because of it. One sure way to deal with…

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    Reasons Why You Need a GermGuardian Air Purifier

    The GermGuardian air purifier is one of the best devices to clean the air in your home. It can help with unpleasant smells and allergies. You can think it as an investment for your health. Signs you might need to own the GermGuardian air purifier: – Can not stop sneezing Pollen, dust and pet dander some of the invisible pollutants in your home. The best air purifier like GermGuardian is designed with HEPA filters to filter most airborne particles. – Your home smells bad When you have poor quality indoor air, you can use an air purifier to reduce bad odors inside your home. If you see formaldehyde or benzene…

  • jumping on a round trampoline

    Round and Rectangle Trampoline, Which One is for Me?

    At this time, you can find trampolines in the markets with many shapes, like rectangle, oval, round, and square. With the most popular shapes are round and rectangular. Some people prefer a rectangle trampoline, while others people do not. This is a personal choice. Most people believe that the design has no use at all, but did you know the shape of the trampoline can affect the way you jump and bounce. If you do not know, then you can read the explanation below: Round vs. Rectangle Trampoline Construction A round trampoline is designed with springs that work together at a same time to response the bounce. This is allow…

  • trampoline exercises to lose weight

    Trampoline Exercises to Lose Weight

    A trampoline certainly offer a convenient and fun way to lose weight. If you love to do jumping jacks or jumping-rope exercise, then you will love trampoline exercises too. Trampoline exercises are low-impact aerobic exercise, so it won’t hurt your feet like running or jogging did. In order to lose weight, you need to burn a certain amount of calories daily. For example: a man with weight around 180-pounds need to do a 60-minute trampoline jumping exercise to burn about 286 calories to lose weight. You can do it easily by calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI). Basically, you need to do trampoline exercises for 20 minutes in the morning…

  • jumping for lose weight

    Can You Lose Weight by Jumping on a Trampoline?

    Losing weight depends on several key factors, such as: number calories of foods you eat, number of calories burned from daily activities, your age, health condition and the body metabolic rate. Simply, lose weight may be vary for everyone. You may find one of your friends keeping in good shape even he / she eat a lot but other is easily get fat even he / eat less than you. Can You Lose Weight? Yes, you can. In an effort to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than the intake from food. Lose Weight = Calories Burned > Calories Intake. In other words, there are 3 certain ways…

  • outdoor trampoline with enclosure

    Best Outdoor Trampoline with Enclosure

    Trampoline is not just for fun, but also good for our health. The repetitive bouncing moves will strengthen your bone, lose weight, and also relieve stress from your mind. It is also very easy to use, so it appropriate for people of all ages. Some people even compare trampoline with running / jogging and claimed exercise using a trampoline bring better results. Some proven health benefits that you can get from continuously using a trampoline, including: Makes you smile and happy Strengthens your bones and muscles Increases the sense of vitality Strengthens your heart Improves the circulation of the lymph Increases oxygen circulation inside the body Improves your sense of…