Nike Plus Sports Watch

nike plusThere are so many sport watches on the market, so it can be hard to find the best among them. However if you are a runner who is looking for a sport watches for particular needs then you must to consider a watch that has features meets you needs. One of sport watches that you can consider is Nike SportWatch. This Nike plus watch is useful if you are looking to keep fit these days. It looks cool and feels comfortable when you wear it not only as a sport watch but also as a regular watch. It is important to track and measure your training results, mainly if you are serious in training.  The Nike Plus sport watch is great device to do these jobs.

The sport watch functions to:

  • Helps set goals to keep you moving
  • Get detailed information on every run
  • Track your calories burned, time, pace and distance
  • Rewards for your efforts in the form of attaboys, medals and trophies
  • Provide training programs that will help you prepare for an event or race

The Nike SportWatch is using both the Nike plus shoe sensor to capture every your step and GPS technology from TomTom. You are also allowed to upload your data to to get more information about your training, get coaching tips, set your goals, see and find popular routes, challenge friends and share your progress through Twitter and Facebook. You can use the Nike sports watch indoor or outdoor without getting serious problems. Using the Nike Plus sensor, you can run in places with no GPS signal like in a tunnel or urban canyon.

The watch also serves as your virtual personal trainer. It stores your training history and reminds you to run. You can use this feature to compare your times, track your individual runs via graphs, set a custom program based on how often you are able to run every week and on your fitness level, and understand the trends in your performance. You can also get some advices and tips to ensure you to keep training properly.


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