Best Cardio Machines for Weight Loss

best cardio machinesWhat is Cardio Exercise?

Cardio exercise is an exercise that increases the heart rate. This exercise is very popular, particularly for its benefits to weight loss, and improve the body’s ability to burn more fat inactivity. The simplest cardio exercise is running. This exercise is also great to strengthen the body muscles, so the more often you do cardio exercises, the stronger you become.

What is Cardio Machines?

Cardio Machines are fitness machines that designed to facilitate you do cardio exercises, improve the results you get, as well as minimizing the possibility of injuries in exercising.

The 6 Best Cardio Machines

Among so many cardio machines sold in the market today, there are 6 types of cardio machines that have been known for its usefulness and causing a lot of people try to use and get the health benefits, especially for weight loss. If you are curious, the following is the 6 best cardio machines according to my opinion.

rowing machines1. Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are unique fitness machines, which simulates rowing motions on the mainland. This machine will help you to get the benefits of rowing without worrying about drowning. Of course it would be very fun. If you are an expert in rowing, you will not find any obstacle when using this cardio machine.

stairmill2. Stepmills

Stepmills are another unique fitness machines that look similar to escalators, but they can make you climb up non-stop. Looks very tiring indeed, but I’m sure that it will be comparable to what you will get later. This equipment is very effective to strengthen your leg muscles and lungs and allows you burn a ton of calories, especially if you set to work at high speed. So, if you want a fitness machine that can force you to workout hard to get the better results fast, then you can consider a stepmill for your home gym.

      stair-stepper-machine3. Stair Stepper Machines

      A stair stepper works in a way more fun than a stepmill. The movement in using the stair stepper looks like climbing up, but actually you push your weight down. This machine is equipped with handles, so you do not have to worry about falling during exercising. However, stair stepper provides enough impact on your knees, so it is not recommended for those of you who have a problem with the leg muscles.


            elliptical-trainer4. Elliptical Trainers

            Elliptical Trainers are one of the most popular cardio machines, especially the machines are able to provide almost no-impact on the body. Elliptical trainers also come with two variations, one variety have handles that allow you to do lower and upper body workout and the other do not handles. If possible, you better set the resistance level to maximum to allow get a better result. Non-impact exercises may be fun for you, however you still need resistance exercises to strengthen your bones and muscles.

                    recumbent-bike5. Recumbent Bikes

                    Recumbent bikes are fitness equipment that very fun to do, and will not make you become tired quickly. This great cardio machine also allows you to practice while making a call to your friend via phone or while watching TV. In order to obtain maximum results, you can use one of the hill profiles. These exercise programs are designed to raise and lower the resistance levels for periods of time. The advantage is that you can burn a lot of calories, without having to torture your feet.

                            treadmill6. Treadmills

                            Treadmills are probably the most powerful cardio machines, it allows you to running, jogging, walking, even climbing (not every treadmill model comes with this feature). You can also adjust the speed of your run. Like running outdoors, running on a treadmill provides great impact to your feet, especially for beginners. However, most recent models have designed with cushioning to minimize impact on your feet. Most of the treadmill models also come with heart rate monitors so you can easily view your heart rate, and then meet it to your workout targets. So, it is not surprising why there are many people decide to make treadmills as the best cardio machines.

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                                      24 Hr. Fitness Locations

                                      24 hr fitness locationsGyms That Are Open 24 Hours

                                      24 Hour Fitness is a popular fitness center and has been operation for a very long time, about 30 + years. As the name suggest, it is open 24 hours a day except during Christmas and New Year. The fitness center is headquartered in San Ramon, Calif. has more than 400 clubs across the United States and serving nearly four million members. Most of the clubs have been accredited A+ from the Better Business Bureau, which is a form of customer satisfaction.

                                      Perhaps for those who are looking for a fitness center, may consider 24 Hr. Fitness as an option.



                                      How much is a 24 Hr. Fitness Membership?

                                      Based on the information I got from, the following are the membership fees of 24 Hour Fitness.

                                      ONE CLUB ONLY
                                      Keep Fit One-Club
                                      Amount Due at Signup$74.97
                                      Ongoing Monthly Dues$33.99
                                      Initiation Fee$0.00
                                      SUPER-SPORT LEVEL
                                      Keep Fit All-Club Sport
                                      Amount Due at Signup$132.34
                                      Ongoing Monthly Dues$59.99
                                      Initiation Fee$0.00
                                      Keep Fit All-Club Sport LOYALTY REWARD
                                      Amount Due at Signup$218.63
                                      Ongoing Monthly Dues$49.99
                                      Initiation Fee$99.99
                                      Keep Fit All-Club Sport LOYALTY PREMIUM
                                      Amount Due at Signup$169.47
                                      Ongoing Monthly Dues$39.99
                                      Initiation Fee$74.99
                                      SPORT LEVEL
                                      Keep Fit All-Club Sport
                                      Amount Due at Signup$88.21
                                      Ongoing Monthly Dues$39.99
                                      Initiation Fee$0.00
                                      Keep Fit All-Club Sport LOYALTY REWARD
                                      Amount Due at Signup$131.36
                                      Ongoing Monthly Dues$34.99
                                      Initiation Fee$49.99
                                      Keep Fit All-Club Sport LOYALTY PREMIUM
                                      Amount Due at Signup$120.33
                                      Ongoing Monthly Dues$29.99
                                      Initiation Fee$49.99


                                      24 Hour Fitness Family Membership

                                      24 Hr. Fitness also allows you to add your family members by upgrade your membership with fees, as follows:

                                      SPORT LEVEL
                                      Initiation Fee$9,99
                                      Ongoing Monthly Dues$29,99
                                      SUPER-SPORT LEVEL
                                      Initiation Fee$9,99
                                      Ongoing Monthly Dues$39,99


                                      * The prices above may be changed from time to time, if you are interested in these services, then you can visit


                                      24 Hour Fitness Equipment List

                                      Once you have registered as an active member, then you can use a variety of fitness equipment, including: free weights, strength machines, and cardio equipment. In addition, you can also enjoy a variety of other facilities, such as; swimming pool, basketball court, whirlpool, steam room, and sauna.

                                      24 Hour Fitness Member Services Phone Number

                                      For member services, you can call 800.432.6348 on Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm PST.

                                      Does 24 Hour Fitness Have a Pool?

                                      Yes, some club have a pool, even with a sauna.

                                      24 Hour Fitness Locations

                                      Here are some locations that you can visit, including:

                                      TORRANCE (Sport)

                                      Address: 2685 Pacific Coast Hwy, Torrance, CA 90505

                                      Phone: (310) 534-5100


                                      CONCORD (Sport)

                                      Address: 359 Sun Valley Mall, Concord, CA 94520

                                      Phone: (925) 674-8412


                                      CORONA (Sport)

                                      Address: 275 Teller Street Suite 100, Corona, CA 92882

                                      Phone: (951) 734-0121


                                      WALNUT CREEK (Super Sport)

                                      Address: 2800 N. Main St, Walnut Creek, CA 94597

                                      Phone: (925) 357-4733


                                      WAIKIKI (Super Sport)

                                      Address: 2490 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815

                                      Phone: (808) 923-9090


                                      LYNNWOOD (Sport)

                                      Address: 8930 29th Avenue West, Lynnwood, WA 98036

                                      Phone: (425) 697-5007


                                      WEST HOLLYWOOD (Super Sport)

                                      Address: 8612 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

                                      Phone: (310) 652-7440


                                      PASADENA (Sport)

                                      Address: 525 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91101

                                      Phone: (626) 795-7121


                                      BEAVERTON (Sport)

                                      Address: 4145 SW Watson Avenue, Beaverton, OR 97005

                                      Phone: (503) 671-0707


                                      MIDTOWN (Ultra Sport)

                                      Address: 153 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022

                                      Phone: (212) 401-0660


                                      MADISON SQUARE PARK (Ultra Sport)

                                      Address: 225 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010

                                      Phone: (212) 271-1002


                                      SOHO (Ultra Sport)

                                      Address: 136 Crosby, New York, NY 10012

                                      Phone: (212) 918-9811


                                      HUNTINGTON BEACH (Sport)

                                      Address: 7887 Center Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

                                      Phone: (714) 373-8969


                                      OLATHE (Active)

                                      Address: 13370 S. Blackfoot Drive, Olathe, KS 66062

                                      Phone: (913) 829-4503


                                      LAKEWOOD (Super Sport)

                                      Address: 4821 Del Amo Blvd., Lakewood, CA 90712

                                      Phone: (562) 630-2668

                                      If you can not find a location close to your home, then you can look for more 24 hour fitness locations here.

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