Elliptical Vs. Treadmill for Weight Loss

elliptical vs treadmillElliptical Machine Review

An elliptical machine or elliptical trainer is a stationary fitness machine used to simulate running, walking, or stair climbing without causing excessive pressure to the joints. Generally, an elliptical is designed with movable handles, so it can also be used to strengthen your arm muscles. Since it does not give too much impact for the body, so it becomes one of the most favored fitness equipment by those who are injured.

An elliptical trainer is able to burn a ton of calories from the body, as long as you know how to use it properly. Many people consider to buy this great cardio machine for home gym, due to its great functions and healthy benefits. Besides, compared to other popular fitness equipment, such as: treadmills, rowing machines, or smith machines; elliptical trainers have cheaper prices.

Top Elliptical Machine Brands

There are several well-known brands, including: Gazelle, ProGear, Best Fitness, XTERRA, Golds Gym, Body Max, Exerpeutic, Horizon Fitness, Sole Fitness, Stamina, Sunny Health & Fitness, Schwinn, and ProForm.

Generally, they offer a variety of features that are not too different from each other, such as: heart rate monitoring, customizable resistance levels, tracking functions, like: speed, time, calories burned, and distance traveled. However, of course you will find that a price range is quite varied from $ 100 – $ 1,000 depending on the quality and features offered.

Treadmill Review

A treadmill is another device that is used for running or walking in the same place. This device was used to punishcriminals and lift buckets of water. However this modern time, this device is commonly usedfor exercise.

Compared with elliptical, treadmill gives more impacts on the feet and joints. So, you will faster feel tired because of it. However, it is a great exercise machine that resemble the original exercise, such as: running or sprints. So, if you are going to face a race on the next month and planning to strengthen your leg muscle, then exercise using a treadmill is a right decision. Of course, it also burn calories faster and do not take too long to get the results from your workout. The speed ​​can also be adjusted and force you to get a steady speed during your exercise session.

Top Treadmill Brands

There are several top treadmill brands which you can choose for yourself, such as: Yowza Fitness, Sunny Health & Fitness, Treadmill Doctor, Phoenix, Precor, Exerpeutic, Stamina, Horizon Fitness, Golds Gym, Weslo, Confidence, SOLE, LifeSpan Fitness, and ProForm.

There are various features offered, such as: customizable resistance levels, heart rate monitoring, tracking functions, like: distance, speed, time, and calories burned. Some latest products even come with a foldable feature that allows you to store it easily.

Elliptical Machine vs. Treadmill

I think there are some differences between treadmills and elliptical trainers, including:

Elliptical Machines


Low Impact on your jointsHigh impact on your joints
Allow you to train both your upper and lower bodyOnly focus on your feet
The price is cheaperThe price is more expensive
Easy to storeNeed a wide place for storage and training
Need more time to burn a ton of caloriesBurn more calories in a short time
Not as good as the real exercise, like runningA great exercise to resemble the real one
You need to exercise very hard for itStrengthen your legs and lungs fast and effectively
The speed depend on your willThe speed ​​can be set to fixed

Note: The bold letters are their advantages

Nevertheless, the both have something in common, such as:

  1. Great cardio machines
  2. Built with a ton of features and add-ons
  3. Backup with forums, customer support and apps
  4. There are many powerful tips and guide, like how to use them properly

The Best Cardio Machine

For me there is no best cardio machine, what is the best for me may not be good for you. If you want to feel comfortable in your workout, then choose elliptical trainers because they provide it, compared to treadmills. My point is it all depends on you, your fitness programs and how much budget you have prepared.

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Healthy Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss

healthy lunch ideasWhat is a Good Healthy Lunch?

Lunch is the most awaited moment to eat, especially for those who do not have time or forget to take their breakfast in the morning. So, what is a healthy lunch? I think that a healthy lunch will provide you enough energy to perform various activities in your day, but does not make you become too full, and sleepy.

Generally, the good amount of calories should not be more than 400 calories, especially for those who want to lose weight. I know that many of us will not feel satisfied with such a small caloric intake. Try to drink more water or eat some fruits after your lunch, it will make you fuller.

Healthy Foods for Lunch

The choice of foods for lunch will greatly affect your productivity and health. Bad food choices, such as soda, burgers or cola should be avoided for consumption. Those foods are only great for helping you to gain weight. Starchy and high carbohydrate foods, such as rice and bread should be eaten in minimal amount at lunch. Then, what kind of foods are recommended for a healthy lunch. Here are some selection of healthy foods that you can choose from;

1. Vegetables

A healthy lifestyle can not be separated from green vegetables in it. Vegetables has a number of essential nutrients and vitamins for our body, so that it will help improve and maintain the health of your body. In addition, the calories in the vegetables are very small, so it is safe to eat in large quantities. Although, many of us do not like the taste.

2. Fruits

Fruits also can not escape from a healthy lunch, although they are more commonly consumed at dinner. Eating fruit after lunch will make you satisfied, as long as you do not overeat. Fruits that contain lots of water, such as: melon or watermelon may be a great option for you.

3. Meats

Meats are very appropriate menu to be consumed at lunch, since the body needs calories in large numbers to deal with many important activities in your day. However, one thing you have to remember; do not eat meat too excessive if you do not want to gain weight fast.

4. Beans

Beans are also a good option for you. It does not contain excessive amounts of calories and have a variety of essential nutrients and vitamins to support your various activities during the day.

Healthy Lunch Recipes for Weight Loss

The following are some healthy lunch recipes, guaranteed not to make you become fat quickly. Warning! I just put together a few simple recipes, which I think you’ll like it for your lunch.

Green-club-sandwich1. Green club sandwich


  • 8-12 cherry tomatoes, sliced
  • 1 handful rocket leaves
  • 1 small avocado (100g), stoned and sliced
  • 3 tbsp. ready-made houmous
  • 3 slices rye toast or wholegrain


  1. Toast the bread and apply houmous evenly on one side of each bread.
  2. Lay the tomato, leaves and avocado on top of the bread. Season with pepper, then cover with another slice of bread
  3. Lay the rest of tomato, leaves and avocado. Season again and cover with the third bread.

Chicken soba noodles2. Chicken soba noodles


  • Handful shredded cooked chicken
  • 85g buckwheat noodles
  • 1 small carrot
  • 8 mange tout
  • Soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp. toasted sesame seeds
  • ½ red chili
  • Drizzle of sesame oil


  1. Finely cut the carrot, red chili, mange tout into matchsticks.
  2. Boil water in a pan, add noodle and the sliced vegetables.
  3. Take the cooked noodle and vegetables from the pan, drain it.
  4. Put them into a bowl and toss with sesame oil.
  5. Finally, add some shredded cooked chicken and toasted sesame seeds.

3. Spicy tuna & cottage cheese jacketSpicy tuna


  • 225g can tuna, drained
  • 150g low-fat cottage cheese
  • 1 medium-sized jacket potato
  • ½ small bunch coriander, chopped
  • Handful halved cherry tomatoes
  • 1 spring onion, sliced
  • ½ red chili, chopped


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Prick the potato several times with a fork and bake it for 1 hour.
  2. Mix tuna with coriander, cherry tomatoes, spring onion and chili.
  3. Split the cooked potato and fill with cottage cheese and the tuna mix.

Source of recipes: bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/healthy-lunch.

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